A Summer Baby Boom

What a lamaze class this could have been. Cindy Crawford, Marie Osmond and Al Gore's daughter Karenna Schiff have all given birth to baby boys. Crawford, who actually attended maternity yoga with Reese Witherspoon, named her son Presley Walker Gerber, though husband Rande Gerber says there's no Elvis worship involved. Karenna had the good political sense to deliver Wyatt Gore Schiff on Independence Day, a potential applause line for the first-time granddad. Osmond actually found a first name--Matthew--for her son's first name. Of course, she's had practice, this being Osmond's seventh child. Maybe she can advise Crawford's ex-husband, Richard Gere. His girlfriend, Carey Lowell, is expecting early next year. Think Gere is trying to get even with Crawford? We'll know if he names his kid Elvis.

Do Something, Regis!

The mourning period has begun: on Aug. 1, the "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee" Fan Club will cease to exist as we know it. Information about the show's schedule and its irrepressible cohosts will still be available on a fan Web site. But the personalized birthday cards, the newsletter and other priceless perks will end. Organizers say the club, with 5,000 members, grew too big to serve so personally. The fans--many without computers--are heartbroken. "It feels like they're divorcing us," says Renee Meado of Alexander, Ill. Let the letter-writing campaign begin.

Ally Oop: Casting About for the Right Star

In the world of near-miss casting disasters, it hardly rivals Lucille Ball auditioning for "Gone With the Wind." Still, can you imagine Bridget Fonda as Ally McBeal? Fonda says she turned the part down. "I never wanted to do TV," she says. A spokesman for "Ally" creator David E. Kelley says Fonda was only a "template" for the bony barrister. But Kelley admits he hired hunky Dylan McDermott for "The Practice" only after chunky Oliver Platt passed. The week's weirdest casting call: writer Michael Herr says Stanley Kubrick once wanted Steve Martin for "Eyes Wide Shut." "He'd loved 'The Jerk'," Herr says. Close call, Ms. Kidman.

Annulled and Void

After 22 years, four children and countless breakups and makeups, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall have decided they were never married at all. The couple have agreed to seek an annulment--a tactic usually reserved for fraudulent or unconsummated unions. "It's odd. Maybe it makes someone feel better to not call this another failed marriage," says lawyer Marvin Mitchelson. The annulment probably didn't affect the settlement. Hall, who filed for divorce after reports that Jagger impregnated model Luciana Morad, reportedly got $15.5 million. There's plenty of satisfaction in that.

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