Britain's Poles Hit Back At 'Scurrilous' Sun Newspaper

11/12/2015_Polish Deli
Polish language magazines are displayed at a Polish delicatessen in Britain December 11, 2015. A U.K. Polish newspaper has hit out at The Sun. Reuters/Neil Hall

The Sun has been branded "scurrilous" for "slandering" Britain's Poles by the U.K.'s largest Polish community newspaper.

The tabloid on Thursday ran a story about a guide to U.K. welfare produced by the Polish Express, which The Sun described as "a manual on how to get the most out of Britain's benefits system."

But the Polish newspaper on Friday hit back with a furious editorial. "Social system is widely available for all working in the UK. It is not a crime to receive some help from it," it said, "It is not a crime also to inform about it. In other case all the Job Centers which distribute brochures with information about benefits should be closed. All government websites about benefits also should be removed from the net."

The paper also accused The Sun of using anti-Polish stereotypes to stir up anti-EU feeling ahead of Britain's forthcoming referendum. "Making a sensation from the fact that we released a guide with information," it said, "is nothing but using us to the political struggle in case of Brexit."

It said The Sun had attacked but "all the hard-working Poles in Britain who help British economy." The Express said the "stereotype" of Poles as "layabout" is "untrue."

As of the 2011 census, there were 600,000 Polish people living in the U.K.