Large Python Snake Found Hidden in Toilet Rolls in Family Bathroom

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 in Queensland, Australia, are used to encountering reptiles, regularly updating their 180,000 Facebook followers on their finds, but the page shared the surprising location one was found in yesterday.

The page shares videos to "help educate the public about reptiles and how to deal with them when they are encountered," according to their website, but followers will be hoping they won't have to put the lessons from this video into practice.

Stuart McKenzie took to Facebook to post a video documenting the removal of a snake from the toilet rolls in a Sunshine Coast family's bathroom.

"Just received a call for a large carpet python that's actually gone into a family's bathroom, which isn't good. There's no way it can easily get out, so they need us to come out and get it back outside so the family can have a shower and go to the toilet," says McKenzie in the clip.

Australia's Sunshine Coast is home to over 20 species of snake, eight of which have life-threatening venom. Luckily for the family, carpet pythons are not one of those. However, they are the most common snake found in the area.

McKenzie told Newsweek, "We regularly get calls for snakes turning up in strange places as usually snakes are trying to hide or keep warm which means they end up doing that in some weird places."

After a brief search for the unwanted guest, he spots it poking out the end of a basket filled with toilet paper above the dryer, sitting snug in the corner.

"That's crazy," he says. "Wow, he's decent-sized."

McKenzie then bravely takes the basket down and places it on top of the toilet. "You don't belong in here buddy," he says, putting it more kindly than most would, before catching it easily with his tool and placing it in the large bag.

"I came in and went to the toilet, and then I went and washed my hands at the sink there and then I walked out and my daughter walked in. She just came out screaming real fast and said 'it's right over there'."

Much to the relief of some followers in the comments, McKenzie lets the carpet python back into "the bush" at the end of the video, but not before giving him a well wish: "See you later buddy, stay out of bathrooms please."

"I have caught some snakes in strange places like this before. This is a cool one though," said McKenzie to Newsweek. "This wouldn't be the strangest place, but it is certainly somewhere you wouldn't expect to see a snake hanging out."

The toilet roll clip comes just a day after McKenzie documented the most amount of snakes Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 has found at once. McKenzie filmed himself in a Facebook video finding four snakes in one roof after a man heard noises come from the roof.

05/14/21 03.00 a.m. ET: This story was updated with quotes from snake catcher Stuart McKenzie.

Australian carpet python snake
Australian Carpet Python curled up. Stuart McKenzie found a carpet python hiding in toilet rolls of a bathroom. Getty Images Getty Images