YouTube Channel Super Best Friends Ends Over Creator Disputes

YouTube group "SuperBestFriends" announced on Sunday morning that the group will be disbanding. Woolie Versus, MattMcmuscles and AngriestPat have been uploading weekly gaming Let's Play videos, podcasts and streams for the past nine years. They amassed a fan base with more than 750,000 YouTube subscribers. The video is broken into three parts, with each content creator saying their farewells and plugging their new channels.

"I want to be direct, honest and genuine with you and there's no reason to stop doing that now," Woolie Versus said to start off the farewell video. "Mat and Pat are no longer friends, it just got less fun for them to record. The business side of the relationship degraded the fun itself." Known as the "Zaibatsu" to fans, this collective has uploaded 2,120 videos since June of 2010. In the video, all three say that they've been enjoying doing content on their own channels more than Super Best Friends, and will start posting their own content continuously.

The Super Best Friends channel will still exist and will hold archives of the content they've produced. SuperBestFriendCast, the group's weekly gaming podcast, will also come to a close. When creating content you are supposed to enjoy starts to feel like too much of a job, it only makes sense to find another creative avenue. MattMuscles, one of the founding members, is adamant that from this point forward, there won't be anymore SuperBestFriends branded content in the future.

"When your three weird dads split up, you'll get three different Christmases," AngriestPat said. Fans online have been discussing Super Best Friend's retirement and how the channel has affected them. "SuperBestFriends" started trending on Twitter, with thousands of viewers sharing why they loved the channel so much.

If Pat & Paige didn't find my DrakeNieR videos, I would have never got the chances I had in my career. The SuperBestFriends really made my channel what it was, and having the opportunity to even *be* on the show and the podcast was a lucid dream.

Thank you guys, for everything

— Clemps 🍑 (@MrClemps) December 16, 2018

It's a testament to how good the Super Best Friends were that they had far and away the best breakup video I've seen.

They offered a real explanation, gave closure, and everyone got to say their piece.

I'm sad to see it end but I respect it more than any other breakup.

— KZ 🗝️ (@KZXcellent) December 16, 2018

Really sucks to hear about Super Best Friends. As someone who watched their stuff since 2014, it’s bittersweet that I got to see them play our game right before they disbanded.

I hope they all find the same success individually.

— ✨ Geoff ✨ (@GeoffLife) December 16, 2018

As YouTubers continue to grow and former hobbies turn into jobs, more "old school" content creators will try to adapt. Monetizing your hobby and game time with your friends might sound like an awesome opportunity, but it can lead to fissures in the relationship.

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