Today, Mario Is the King of Twitter

Big news for Super Mario fans today as the plucky plumber has seemingly taken over Twitter with various fan reactions to the news announced this morning in a Nintendo Direct. It's time to celebrate Mario's 35th Anniversary and it seems that fans cannot get enough.

Out of all the announcements made, there are two games that fans seem the most excited for. Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury have the most reactions online. Both bundles feature classic games from former systems with enhanced graphics. All-Stars will be available first on September 18 with a limited window. After March 31, 2021, the game will no longer be available. For 3D World, you will have to wait until February 12 to feel Bowser's Fury.

35th Anniversary Super Mario Bros 2020
Mario and the gang celebrate 35 years of Goomba stomping adventures. Nintendo

It's hard not to praise Nintendo for what they've accomplished with their hardware in each generation. Mario has always looked good no matter the incarnation. He's a character that has always brought much joy to his loyal fan base.

Can we just throw some love at how damn pretty Super Mario Galaxy is? Nintendo had the the weakest hardware of that generation but as usual their game visually holds up better than most could ever hope for. Also one of the coolest themes they ever ran with in the franchise.

— AlphaOmegaSin (@AlphaOmegaSin) September 3, 2020

..... IM SO HYPED MARIO 64 ON SWITCH AND GALAXY AND SUNSHINE TOO Nintendo I love u also I’m hyped with everything else that came out

— Supman64_offical (@supman64) September 3, 2020

Man this is the kind of thing I was saying I missed so much.

The true Nintendo hype that gets everyone talkin about it all day & spreading joy😭😭🎉🎉

— ⭐️GamesCage - Hype Guy⭐️ (@OnTheDownLoTho) September 3, 2020

Of all things to help me get through 2020, Nintendo comes in clutch in the most amazing way. I almost cried when I saw 3D All Stars. I thought it was too good to be true. Now the wait is over. God bless Nintendo for all they've done. #supermario35th #Nintendo

— CosmicFloyd (@CosmicFloyd1) September 3, 2020

Many fans know better NOT to complain about Nintendo and that it's commonplace to just accept your fate in knowing future purchases are impending. You can complain all you want about the limited release window of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, but you will just be getting it anyways, because you HAVE TO! You don't really want to miss out on this opportunity do you?

On the one hand SM3DAS feels kinda scummy but on the other hand man I love Galaxy 1 so much that I would honestly play $60 just for that I hate that I love Nintendo

— Ryan (@diceb0mb) September 3, 2020

Me after watching the Nintendo Direct

— Julius Novachrono (@wilskeezy) September 3, 2020

Even though there's a lot here to offer, fans still always want more. Super Mario 3D All-Stars features Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy, but there's no Super Mario Galaxy 2 in sight. Some fans even fear that Nintendo is trying to wipe the game from Mario's existence. How can it be that these three games are not enough to quench your Mario thirst?

"Me and the boys marching to Nintendo of America to ask why Super Mario Galaxy 2 wasn't included in the 3D all stars collection."

— B r o c c u u u u u ~ (BLM) (@ChawnSarter) September 3, 2020



— APØLLO (@apollo_aeries) September 3, 2020

I think we can all agree that Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been done very, very, very dirty.

— Stealth (@Stealth40k) September 3, 2020

Nintendo be like:

— Mayo 🌺 (@m__a__y__o_) September 3, 2020

On the other hand, this new bundle will offer some gamers their first ever experiences with these games. Some players were not even born when Super Mario 64 or Sunshine made their debuts. This game package will be a great way to let the younger fan base experience some classic Mario adventures.

Definitely going to get this, maybe for christmas though, i never played mario sunshine, i last played mario galaxy a year ago and i played mario 64 on the ds in 2013 for the last time.

— Firestar (@Firestar412) September 3, 2020

Nintendo is going to be making a new generation experience Super Mario Sunshine and new players will know what pain we went through back in the days on the Gamecube

— SmashMarioPro2000 (@SmashMarioPro) September 3, 2020

Even though it's Mario's birthday, Bowser has been getting shown some love as well. Will Bowser get some revenge in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury? Fans have a lot of questions in regards to this new version of the Wii U classic.

I just wanna know what bowser's fury is

— Thulius (ツリアス) (@NotThulius) September 3, 2020

idk why but i have a horrid feeling 'bowser's fury' is just gonna be a hard mode for 3d world

— lew (@gaywiiu) September 3, 2020

So what exactly is Bowser’s Fury? I’m assuming it’s a hard mode for the game. What are your thoughts, guys? #SuperMario35

— The Rocket Knight (@Sparkster2600) September 3, 2020

Ok I'm getting Super Mario 3d all-stars. What else from the Mario direct is a must have? I hear something about battle royale? I already beat mario 3d world on Wii u but Bowser's fury seems interesting. What else?

— Envy | Wizzrobe (@Wizzrobe) September 3, 2020

Are you excited to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario? Which game are you looking forward to most? Is there a game you feel was left out of the celebration? Let us know in the comments below.

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