'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Direct: Ken, Incineroar and Everything Announced

The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct gave fans a lot of new information to whet their fighting appetite until the game's December release, including new characters and what that mysterious game mode from August is.

Game Director Masahiro Sakurai gave a rundown of what fans should know about the game in the approximately 40-minute presentation. Here's everything revealed during the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct.

ken street fighter smash
Ken joins 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Nintendo


The first new character revealed was Ken from Street Fighter. He is Ryu's Echo Fighter. Ken's signature kicks change and are a bit faster than Ryu. Ken also has two final smashes like Ryu: Shinryuken and Shippu Jinraikyuaku/


Incineroar from Pokémon Sun and Moon was also announced. His final smash is the Malicious Moonsault, which is the Pokemon's special Z-Move from the Alola Region.

The inclusion of Ken and Incineroar brings the roster to a total of 74.

smash ultimate piranha plant

Piranha Plant is another new fighter coming to Smash Ultimate. Its Final Smash summons Petey Piranha.

The character won't be available for a month or so after the game's launch. It's a free limited time offer that will be available with a pre-order.


All the new fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – including the DLC – will get their own amiibo figures. This includes Ken, Incineroar and Piranha Plant, as well as the recently announced Simon Belmont and King K. Rool. The currently scheduled release timing is as follows, with details about future figures on the way:

  • Inkling, Ridley and Wolf – Dec. 7, 2018
  • King K. Rool, Ice Climbers and Piranha Plant – Feb. 15, 2019
  • Isabelle, Pichu, Ken, Young Link, Daisy – 2019


The long-rumored new game mode has been revealed to be Spirits. This game mode allows for players to use other characters as power ups. It's also a great mode for collecting and battling.

There are four classes of Spirits based on their strengths: Novice (1 Star), Advanced (2 Star), Ace (3 Star) and Legend (4 Star).

One primary spirit can be equipped to one character at a time to give your fighter more powers. If your primary spirit has enough support slots, you can equip more spirits for more abilities.

The main way to acquire spirits is through spirit battles. A board of spirits will appear and you'll choose what to fight for. There are spirit-specific battles, like Gordos appearing from nowhere on the stage. Guts Man makes Mega Man large and he uses a variety of throws on you.

Attack is strong against grab, grab is strong against shield and shield is strong against attack. These three categories make up the core of Spirits and can help players overcome powerful characters.

Each battle has conditions, like the floor being poison and more. You can equip spirits to level up and even transform into a more advanced form of that character. Food will also enable spirits to level up. You can train spirits in the Dojo or even send them to find treasure. Beat masters to gain new facilities.

Sakurai teased the game's Adventure Mode, which sees a ton of Master Hands in the sky. Every character from the game tries to take them out but they are all evaporated. The cutscene ends with Kirby landing in front of a castle as he traverses around a map fighting evil versions of the roster.

This Adventure Mode is called World of Light.


You can set preferred rules in the settings for online battles. You don't have to choose between "For Fun" or "For Glory."

Global Smash Power (GSP) is still used and will be used as a global ranking. Each fighter will have their own GSP. If you self-destruct on purpose, you will be penalized.

Matchmaking will prioritize your location even over your preferred settings.

If your GSP is high enough, you can enter Elite Smash. This is where the Smash team will do research for future character balances.

The Nintendo Switch Online App will allow for voice chat in battle arenas. There is a free service called Smash World that will allow players post gameplay videos.


New assist trophies were showcased during the Nintendo Direct. There are 59 assist trophies in this game. The trophy can also be knocked out by the summoner. Here are the ones shown.

  • Isaac
  • Black Knight (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)
  • Thwomp
  • Spring Man
  • Wily Capsule
  • Flies and Hand
  • Tiki (Fire Emblem Awakening)
  • Vince
  • Guile
  • Akira

Century Smash allows players to destroy 100 characters. All Star mode is now available from the start instead of having to unlock every character.


Gold can be used for music, spirits and items for Spirit Mode. Players can exchange game tags for gold.


The Mii Fighters can now be customized

  • Yiga Clan set
  • Splatoon 2 set
  • Ribbon Girl set
  • Chibi Robo set
  • Ray MkIII set
  • Toy-Con set


The base game roster is finalized but there will be more fighters added as paid DLC. There are no old characters coming to the game, and there won't be Echo Fighters. The developers will be

One fighter, one stage and multiple music tracks with each set going for $5.99. The Fighters Pass, includes five fighters and five stages (and their music tracks) for $24.99.

A purchase bonus for buying the Fighters Pass will give Mii Fighters the Rex set from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. All the DLC will be released within a year.

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