Superhero Halloween Costume Ideas: Easy, Cheap, DIY Options

Who doesn't want to be a superhero? That's what Halloween is for, and as it turns out, you can be one even if you're broke. Want to spend the least amount of effort possible, for the least amount of money? Look no further. We've got a list of simple superhero Halloween costume ideas from recent TV shows. Sorry, but there's no cheap way to do Iron Man or Black Panther.

These are ranked from lazy to lazy. PSA: We're not trying to win any awards or $25 Amazon gift Cards here….

Captain Lame from Haunting of the Hill House

Young Jaden wants to be a superhero but his mom buys him a blank mask and says, "decorate it yourself." So he becomes Captain Lame. It's easy. Grab a nerdy T-shirt, then duct tape an L on it. Get a random mask and some material to tie to your back as a cape. Write Lame on your head and you're done!

Mad props to my dear friend Trevor Gates, who actually fleshed out Jayden Harris’ soon-to-be iconic “Captain Lame” outfit from @haunting. Of all the characters to cosplay, this is the one I hoped would catch on...

— Mike Flanagan (@flanaganfilm) October 21, 2018

Cloak from Cloak & Dagger

Okay so, there's actually a lot of stitchwork that goes into Cloak's cape from the TV show. But it's nothing a bedazzler can't fix. Get some black cloth, bedazzle the shit out of it, and boom, you're good to go.

cloak and dagger mardi gras indian voodoo
Tyrone wears his brother's cloak, which pays homage to the Mardi Gras Indians. Freeform/ Marvel

Black Canary from Arrow

You can't really screw this one up. Just wear all-black leather from head to toe and paint a black mask over your face. Grab a pole or a stick or a weapon of some sort, then open your mouth real wide and scream at people to replicate the iconic Canary Cry. Effort goes a long way...

dinah-drake arrow black canary
Dinah Drake a.k.a. Black Canary. CW

Wild Dog from Arrow

Basically pick out all of the wackiest pieces of clothing from your closet and put them together--camo pants, a random hoodie with a hockey jersey over it and some old boots. And don't forget the old school white hockey mask. Not going to win any awards, but you won't be the lamest person at the party.

Wild Dog on 'Arrow.' CW

John Constantine from Legends of Tomorrow

Khaki peacoat, white shirt, red tie, black or gray pants. Don't forget the cigarettes and the smart mouth...

constantine legneds of tomorrow
John Constantine is now a cast member on 'Legends of Tomorrow.' Warner Bros

Cisco from The Flash

All you need is a wildly geeky T-shirt, a cardigan (zip hoodie or collared shirt will do) any pair of pants, and a little bit of schoolboy charm. If you have time to grab a brown, shoulder-length wig, people might actually recognize you.

Cisco (a.k.a. Vibe) in 'The Flash.' CW

Supergirl from Supergirl

Just like Clark Kent, Kara has a civilian identity that's very similar. Grab some nerdy glasses, a pastel button-down, and leave it unbuttoned a little bit with a Superman shirt underneath. Slip on a pencil skirt and you're good.

supergirl kara danvers
Kara Danvers by day, Supergirl by night. CW

Molly from Runaways

For this, all you need is a pink cat-eared hat… like the ones from the Women's March, or anything pink really. Just make sure your outfit looks youthful, playful and bright and Marvel fans will love you. An added bonus if you have colored contacts.

marvel runaways molly pink hat costume
Molly from 'Runaways' is an easy, distinct option. Hulu

David Haller from Legion

If you have a textured, plaid or earth-colored peacoat, be Professor X's son, Legion. Wear said coat, with a dark-colored T-shirt (plus if it has weird shapes on it). Then, wrap some foil into a headband and glue some wires on it.

david haller legion
David Haller is one of the most powerful mutants ever. FX

Jessica Jones from Jessica Jones

Haven't done laundry or showered in a week? Be Jessica Jones. Put on the dirtiest pair of light-washed jeans you own. Pair it with some sort of gray tank top or grey sweatshirt, throw on a leather moto jacket, and slip on black, calf height boots. Tote around a camera if you have one. And don't forget the bad attitude. Perhaps a gray infinity scarf or black fingerless gloves if you have them.

Jessica Jones
Krysten Ritter on season 1 of Netflix's Marvel series "Jessica Jones," streaming now. Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

Luke Cage from Luke Cage

You're going to need to own a lot of Carhartt to pull this one off. Grab some straight-leg, dark washed Levi's, a T-shirt with thick fabric, or maybe a waffle shirt or henley. (Think construction site.) Whip out the combat or construction boots, and layer the outfit with a Carhartt jacket or Levi's jean jacket that isn't blue. Then destroy your perfect, expensive outfit with holes.

Luke Cage starring Mike Colter
Mike Colter as Luke Cage in the first teaser for Netflix's "Luke Cage" series. Netflix / Marvel / YouTube

Daredevil from Daredevil

For the costume itself, you'll need black pants, black lace-up boots, a black long-sleeve crewneck, black fingerless gloves (or rope tied around your hands, or white boxing wraps). The mask is the tricky part, considering Daredevil's blind. Cut up some strips of black fabric, and one of white. Wrap it around the top half of your face,with a little bit of the white strip hanging by the nose, and hope for the best.

daredevil season 3
'Daredevil' Season 3 arrives Oct. 19. Marvel / Netflix

Iron Fist from Iron Fist

Iron Fist is actually pretty easy, even though he's a magical character. Paint a dragon on your chest, paint your hand yellow, wear something green on top and call it a day. You can also be Colleen Wing, who is an Iron Fist too now in the show. She has a dragon tattoo on her arm and a white glowing fist.

iron fist
Danny Rand a.k.a. Iron Fist. NEtflix

Raven from Titans

Dye your hair purple and wear a thick, black hoodie and pin it so that the top gets pointy and hangs down. That's the lazy version. If you want to go all out, dig out that old witch costume from your closet, or drape a bunch of black or purple fabric all over yourself, just make it pointy on your forehead.

raven titans costume
Raven from 'Titans.' DC Universe

Tobias Whale from Black Lightning

You could try and be Black Lightning--all you'd need is a tailored suit and some blue glow sticks--but if you're not jacked and have a purple suit laying around, Tobias Whale might be a better fit.

marvin jones krondon black lightning tobias whale
Marvin Jones III as Tobias Whale. CW