'Supernatural' Series Finale: Did Dean Die and How Fans Reacted

Supernatural's series finale "Carry On" saw Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) do exactly that as (spoilers ahead) Dean (Jensen Ackles) lost his life in a vampire hunt gone wrong. Fans hoping that the final ever episode of The CW show would see the Winchesters walk off together into the sunset are sure to be disappointed—and Supernatural fans are not shy in taking to the internet to complain about the show.

However, fans may want to sit with Dean's ending on the show before they decide whether they love or hate it. This is something that Ackles himself has confessed he had to do after he was told the ending in the Supernatural writers' room.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I kinda walked out of there uneasy. Whether it was the fact that I'd just heard the ending of a show that had been going for 15 years or I was just too close to it to accept a finality to it, but it certainly wasn't settling in as easy as I'd have hoped and I struggled with it."

However, he then said he was "all in" after speaking to show creator Eric Kripke, who was able to explain why it was the only way to end the show.

dean die supernatural series finale
The 'Supernatural' series finale saw Dean die. The CW

A breakdown of exactly what that ending was. While taking down a nest of vampires, Dean is impaled from the back by what seems to be some sort of rusty protuberance from the wall, immobilising him and eventually killing him. Fans then get one last emotional speech between the brothers, with Dean telling Sam: "You knew it was always going to end like this for me... It's OK. It's good. We had one helluva ride, man."

For fans who sort of knew that the show had to end in the death of the main characters (Sam dies later in the episode after making it to old age and raising a son named after Dean), their main problem with the finale was how anti-climatic Dean's death was. He lost his life not in one final epic battle, but at the hands of an inanimate object.

The Twitter responses to this included: "ARE YOU TELLING ME DEAN WINCHESTER IS GOING TO DIE LIKE THIS?" and "So you're telling me my boy Dean survived all these demons only to be taken out by a rusty pipe in a wall????"

One responder to the latter comment, however, seemed to get exactly what the show was trying to do. They explained: "I think that's the point. The life could end at any time especially having that life." In their life of constant danger, all it takes is one false move and it's over. It is not just bravery and strength that you need, but luck—and it seemed like after 15 years that luck just ran out.

The Supernatural series finale is airing on The CW website and app, and is coming to Netflix on Friday, November 27.