Supervisor Raging at Attitude of Millennial Apprentices Praised by Internet

A supervisor has taken to Mumsnet to complain about two new apprentices who instead of getting on with their workload spend their time "educating" people on social issues.

In a post shared on the platform on Tuesday, the supervisor, who goes by the username OhGoodnessItsSoExhausting, explained that since the two joined, they have been extremely "sensitive and just plain annoying."

"I can't give any feedback because they 'know it already.' I can't say anything right because apparently I know nothing about transgender issues or decolonisation of the workplace and I need to hear them 'educate' me on it all and lend me books because they (20 years younger with zero experience in this role) know how to resolve ingrained, inherent systemic racism and prejudice and clearly if they were in my role they'd have solved all the problems in society which impact the role, already."

The supervisor went on saying that the two apprentices aren't the best at their job and working with them is just hard because they come across as "patronizing" and "self-righteous"

The two apprentices, who according to the supervisor are about 26 years old, are also friends outside of the workplace, and according to the supervisor: "They feed off each other discussing how amazing and [righteous] they are and how everyone else in the organisation is incompetent."

'Fluffy Language'

"Is this entitlement, condescending attitude and use of fluffy language a generation thing? Or (please tell me), I've just had a bad run of two extremely annoying apprentices!!?" the supervisor asked the Mumsnet community.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in FY 2021 more than 241,000 new apprentices entered the national apprenticeship system.

Nationwide, there were over 593,000 apprentices obtaining the skills they need to succeed while earning the wages they need to build financial security; and about 96,000 apprentices graduated from the apprenticeship system in FY 2021.

The post has attracted a lot of attention and has so far received over 344 comments. One user, Eunorition, said: "If their blathering has nothing to do with their work and their performance is poor, give them poor write-ups and hire new ones. I wouldn't waste energy on them. They sound like they can't hack it."

A fellow supervisor, known as Blobblobblob, commented: "I have the same issue with mine. [f***mylife]."

HollowTalk added: "Why on earth are you giving them less work to do? Why aren't you saying to them look this is what is expected of you, this is what other people are doing and if you don't want to do it feel free to go somewhere else, but if you intend to stay here do the f***ing work!"

And Saltinesandcoffeecups said: "Agreed, teach the ones that want to learn how to be successful and give the ones who can't or won't learn a lesson in failure and wash them out. Honestly it's what some of them need."

Other users, however, seem to think it's the manager's fault if the apprentices behave this way. CoolAir said: "Sounds as though they don't have enough to do and [are] not challenged enough by their work.

"Whenever I mentor any newly qualified staff in nhs they are on a steep learning curve, aware every day of their lack of experience and are very grateful for guidance and advice.

I think you need to make their duties more challenging and increase their responsibilities."

Hankunamatata suggested: "Start giving them the proper workload. If you upset them even though you are treating them perfectly normally then tough. Cover your arse, send everything discussed on follow up emails. Send emails about managing workload. If they try to waffle off then a polite let's focus on the task in hand."

And Blackmoggy said: "Tell them you don't need 'educating'....! How bloody dare they! They sound like jumped up little gobsh***s."

And NewNamePrivacyneeded said: "Delicate little flowers. Work ethic poor. Love to comment on how bad some have it but forget that women still don't get equality but hey ho why worry about that when you can fixate on trans women issues blah blah blah."

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tired manager
A file photo of a tired manager. A supervisor has taken to Mumsnet after two new apprentices tried to educate them on social issues rather than learn about their job, and the internet has taken the supervisor's side. Getty Images