Video: Multimillion-dollar Superyacht Crashes into Marina as Diners Left 'Screaming and Very Frightened'

A luxury superyacht suffered a mechanical fault over the weekend and was caught on camera crashing while docking at a marina in Cairns, a city in Australia.

The vessel, known as the Moatize, hit the gangway and narrowly missed a restaurant trawler called Prawn Star, which uploaded videos showing the mishap to Facebook. The incident occurred at Marlin Marina on Saturday shortly after 6 p.m. and is under investigation.

"It was scary, people were screaming and very frightened. But no-one was hurt and that's the most important thing," the manager of Prawn Star, Kay Green, told local media outlet ABC. "One of the customers said he felt like he had been in the [Hollywood movie] Speed 2," they added.

A probe is being conducted by the marina's operator, Ports North, but it is not believed the crash resulted in injuries. The Moatize was eventually guided to the berth without further incident.

Speaking to 7News, the man behind the wheel of the superyacht, Jason Chambers, explained how the crash unfolded, saying a gear became jammed which left the boat stuck in a turn.

"We used about thrust to come clear, went astern to try and exit the marina but it was still going ahead at all times," he said. "We took control in the wheelhouse to see if it was a control fault, it was still going ahead so we did what we're trained to in collisions. We shut down all engines, dropped an anchor and thank God we selected a nice spot where there was no personnel.

"You had a restaurant on the right hand side, you had a lot of people straight ahead, I had a gap with a lot of small vessels on my starboard side so that was my best solution, come over where there was no personnel," the skipper added. The boat was damaged on its left-hand side but the marina crash did not result in serious breakage. It was mainly cosmetic, Chambers said.

The first video showed a close-up perspective of the crash, while a second clip was filmed from a distance. A loud crunch could be heard as the Moatize hit a ramp leading to the restaurant.

Never a dull moment at the Prawn Star. Everyone was safe but a little shaken after this happened yesterday! Thank you to our amazing crew for handling it so well.

Posted by Prawn Star Cairns on Saturday, August 10, 2019

Chambers confirmed that the boat had come from Brisbane and would be in Cairns for a couple of weeks, but declined to disclose the identity of its owner. According to the Cairns Post, it is owned by a local coal baron called Michael O'Keeffe. It remains unclear exactly how much the vessel is worth, but multiple local outlets described it as a "multimillion-dollar" superyacht.

The skipper told local media he was not concerned about the financial cost of the crash.

"Not even worried about the money to be quite honest," Chambers stated. "We are just making sure everyone here is still functioning—the businesses—and there is no one here that is put out and there is no injury. That is our only concern. That is everyone's concern."

Footage of the luxury motor yacht from another angle.....thankfully nobody got hurt & MV MOATIZE had a mechanical fault that's why it crashed. For the FULL story make sure you catch the local news tonight OR read Cairns Post tomorrowThanks Sarah Jones for sending this through to us :D

Posted by Prawn Star Cairns on Saturday, August 10, 2019

One of those businesses impacted, Prawn Star, made light of the incident online. The trawler was briefly closed after the collision and has temporarily been moved to another area of the docks. reported it was at full capacity at the time of the crash, holding 60 people.

"Never a dull moment at the Prawn Star," the company wrote on Facebook. "Everyone was safe but a little shaken after this happened yesterday! Describing the night of the incident, Green told ABC yesterday: "Our crew handled it perfectly, they kept their calm, got everyone off the boats and got everyone settled down and since then the spirit of cooperation has been fantastic."

The footage of the incident has attracted hundreds of comments and shares since being uploaded online over the weekend.

At the time of writing, the short video showing the up-close Moatize collision has been viewed more than 130,000 times. "So glad everyone is okay and no injuries. [It] could have been much worse. Way to stay calm and handle a very scary situation," one person wrote. Another Facebook user joked: "Crew on yacht wanted to see if you had [a] drive-thru service. Glad all are OK."