Surveys: Give Him a Manicure

Sorry, dads. as much as we love you--and we do!--the pollsters are telling us that your day just isn't as big of a deal as Mother's Day. A survey of daddy's-day surveys: The average gift buyer will spend $88.88 on Dad; the average spent $122.16 on Mom (National Retail Federation). At least it's something. Some 50% of people say they can't remember when Father's Day is (Virginia Hayward Ltd.). The moral? Fathers should adjust their expectations. 51% of dads say they want a flat-panel TV (Circuit City), but 69% of givers say they're going to opt for a card (NRF). Hey, it's better than a tie. Nearly 30% of dads agree that a tie's the worst Father's Day gift ( But there's good news: 97% of moms say their husband is just as good of a parent as they are--and 100% of dads agree ( That's worth something, right? Like a trip to the spa-- 30% of spagoers are men, and more men take "spa vacations" than women (International Spa Association). So there, Mom.