'Surviving R. Kelly' Alleges Sexual Abuse, Described as a 'Vendetta' by R. Kelly

First making its premiere on January 3, the three-night docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly has created quite the storm.

Featuring interviews by alleged victims and members R. Kelly's inner circle, allegations of abuse, mind control and what is described as a "sex cult" is brought to light in the 6-part Lifetime docuseries.

"Why didn't anyone notice? We all noticed, no one cared because we were black girls," Mikka Kendall said in the show's promo.

Born Robert Sylvester Kelly, the singer is best known for his involvement with 1992 music group Public Announcement. He released his first solo album in 1993, "12 Play."

Sources close to the 51-year-old singer/songwriter told TMZ Sunday that he did not watch any of the docuseries; however, said he was 'disgusted.'

Described as a "vendetta," R. Kelly's team said that the 51-year-old did not recognize half of the individuals who appeared on the series, and those he did recognize, had previous personal or professional hatred toward him, according to TMZ's report.

The series concluded Saturday night; however, Lifetime will begin airing reruns Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET.

Don’t miss the powerful conclusion of the series that has everyone talking. The finale of #SurvivingRKelly premieres tonight at 9/8c. pic.twitter.com/dhtMA30OK7

— Lifetime (@lifetimetv) January 6, 2019

When the show first premiered, social media began to flood with support — even tagging the Me Too Movement — for the women involved.

"I absolutely loved this docuseries! You guys did a fantastic job! I hope this man gets what he deserves soon," one Twitter user wrote. "You definitely helped me understand this #metoo movement and understanding the victims' side of the story. Just wow."

"Thank you for giving these women's voices a platform," a user added. "To the documentary makers: you've done a huge part in where so many have failed these women and girls including the justice system, industry collaborators, executives, complicit employees and allies of this monster."

No criminal charges have been filed against the disgraced singer since the premiere of the show; however, one source close to R. Kelly told TMZ: "He's going to sue everybody who had anything to do with this."

The executive producer of the docuseries, Dream Hampton told Shadow and Act that she is "at war" with the R&B singer.

"When I said I'm at war with R. Kelly, this is what I meant. I don't ever want to underestimate him," Hampton, a 48-year-old filmmaker from Detroit, said. "This is a man who has built systems around his abuse, which is something that you'll see in the docuseries."