Who Was Voted Off 'Survivor' 41 in Episode 1?

Survivor 41 has eliminated its first two contestants after a dramatic episode that saw the CBS reality show make some big changes.

For this new season, the show introduced the "Shot in the Dark Die," which gives every contestant a one-in-six chance of safety at the tribal council if they chose to use it.

This twist, however, was not enough to save the first two Yase and Ua tribe members from elimination after a few days of alliance-making.

Here's who became the first two Survivor 2021 cast members to leave the islands of Fiji.

Who left Survivor 41 in episode 1?

In order to decide who would have a Tribal Council this week, the contestants took part in a challenge that gave the winners immunity. All three teams had to complete an obstacle course with puzzle pieces, which then had to be assembled.

Eventually, the Luvu tribe won immunity after their quick work building the puzzle. This meant that the Yase and Ua tribes each had to vote a member off.

The Yase Tribal Council saw the first person go after their tactics backfired. Eric Abraham (who was going by just "Abraham" on the show) had been making the case that Tiffany Seely should go due to being the weakest member of the tribe.

His bad-mouthing led to Liana and Evvie saying on the private cams that they wanted Abraham out. They convinced their other tribe members to follow suit, and Abraham was eliminated with four votes to Tiffany's one. His parting words? "I did not see that blindside hit me. I did not see that coming. Enjoy the ride."

survivor 41 Eric Abraham
Eric Abraham CBS

The Ua tribe were more split over who they wanted to go. Ricard told the private cam that he wanted Jairus "JD" Robinson to go, while Brad Reese revealed he was thinking of voting out either Sara Wilson or Shantel Smith—while they were just behind him. Eventually, the pair decided to vote out Sara.

Despite Brad making the Survivor faux pas of doing his elimination plotting in front of the people he was plotting against, he received only one vote in the tribal council. Ricard Foyé also received one vote, a possible backfiring of his plotting against JD.

survivor 41 Sara Wilson
Sara Wilson CBS

Ultimately, however, Brad's plan worked, and Sara was sent home with three votes. She said, simply: "Bye. Good luck."

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Previous episodes are available live and on-demand on Paramount+.