Susan Boyle: The Makeover Montage

If you haven't read Jennie Yabroff's story about the supposed "miracle" behind our favorite Scottish crooner (if we're not counting Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse in "Brigadoon"), check it out below. And if you want a visual to go along with it, the AP has just posted a video that details Boyle's makeover. Sort of. We can't help but think that... she sorta looks the same. Which is great, because we don't want her to change!

But in the spirit of the makeover montage -- that cosmetic revamping that, no matter how extensive, never seems to alter the true character of our nerdy heroines -- some notables:

"My Fair Lady."In thinking back on Audrey Hepburn's films, we realize she had a makeover moment in almost all of them -- the dramatic haircut and street clothes in "Roman Holiday" or the high-fashion upgrade in "Funny Face," plus just about every scene in this makeover-themed movie-musical. Two favorites: her frilly debut at Ascot; and later, at the Embassy Ball, in which she revels for the first time in positive male attention.



"Miss Congeniality." Remember when Benjamin Bratt was a leading man? No? Check out this scene for a post-butch phase of Sandra Bullock as an undercover cop.


"Princess Diaries." All I can think about during this scene is how, even under all that facial fur, Anna Hathaway is still gorgeous. Were we all so lucky.


"Grease." Ugh -- by far my least favorite. I always hated that Olivia Newton John had to wear Lycra and/or smoke in order to earn John Travolta's approval. I liked the sweater sets better.


Did we leave off your favorite? Tell us what you like, in the comments!