Susan Cox Powell's Father Explains Disappearance Theory, Josh Powell Gruesome History

Susan Cox Powell disappeared in 2009, and while not much is known of her current whereabouts, or what exactly happened to the mother of two, her father, Chuck Cox, has a theory. The theory, among other ideas, is featured in the Oxygen documentary The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell, which takes a close look at Powell's possibly abusive relationship with husband Josh Powell, and a concerning obsession from father-in-law Steve Powell.

In Cox's mind, one thing is certain: Powell's husband, Josh, poisoned her on the evening of her disappearance. Witnesses confirm that Josh cooked Powell pancakes for dinner, in what they considered the only time Josh had ever cooked. The next morning, Powell didn't show up for work, and Josh alleged he took his two young sons camping overnight in below-freezing temperatures. Josh became a quick person of interest because of his unwillingness to cooperate with investigators.

Cox explained his view to Newsweek. "My theory of what happened? Josh poisoned her somehow on that day through the pancakes that he made," he said. "And then he either disposed of her by dropping her off in the snow somewhere or he killed her and dropped her in the snow somewhere."

The father said he didn't originally think Josh was capable of killing, until divorce papers from Josh's parents revealed a terrifying reality. "It happened I think when he was about 14 or 12, something like that," Cox said. "Josh was described as taking a hamster his younger sister, Alina, had, and killing it by throwing it at the side of its cage. Then, he made her touch the dead body, his younger sister."

Cox also said the depositions claim Josh threatened his mother and brother with a knife.

As for Josh's story, Cox said there's no way Powell would have willingly let him take their sons into a freezing night. "What I like people to know is that Susan was a dedicated mother and wife and would never have left the children alone," Cox said. "She would never have let him actually go out on a camping trip with them in the middle of the winter. Had she been able or capable of stopping him from doing it, her disappearance was not of her own will. She didn't leave on her own because she wanted to. She left because they did something to her. Josh and his dad did something to her, so it was totally out of her will."

Cox and family continue to search for Powell. Their goal in 2019 is to find her body and give her a proper burial. Cox said there's still a sliver of hope that Josh sold Powell into some other life, and that she's alive, but searches continue to rake through Utah land in hopes of discovering Powell's remains.

A private investigator is also looking into the disappearance with the Cox family, though Cox told Newsweek few advancements have been made.

The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell two-part special will air on Oxygen Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT.