‘Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido’ Hands-On Impressions: Deep, Fun Puzzle Game Perfect for Switch

Enter a world where Sushi is scarce and controlled by an evil army, where it’s up to you to save the land and your master. This is the world of Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido , which releases for Nintendo Switch and 3DS in June.

A unique puzzle action title for both consoles, this release from Indieszero was a blast to play. I went in not expecting much and came out very impressed by the engaging and addictive gameplay. Here are some of the things that stood out the most.

Sushi striker story sprite You'll meet various Sushi Sprites along your journey that will help you. Nintendo


At the event, we were told that there are various ways to play Sushi Striker. You could use either the console in its handheld mode and stack plates using the analog stick, you could use the analog on the detached joy cons or simply use the touchscreen.

I played in handheld mode but I felt I was more successful completing levels using my finger on the screen. My reaction time felt faster and I was more accurate in my plate-stacking.

Others at the event preferred playing in handheld mode, so it’s great that the game gives players options.


A major part of Sushi Striker are your companions;spirit animal creatures that give your character special abilities and bonuses in battle. You’ll find them along your journey and each has their own ability that can change your strategy.

Some of these companions are found by playing through special hidden stages you unlock by S-ranking a specific number of stages in a level. This gives players more to aim for in each stage and, if they want, they can collect them all.

Sushi striker sprite abiliity The Sushi Sprites have abilities that can help you in battle. Nintendo

Up to three companions level up along with your character after each stage (including two companions you can set to the side) so there are some grinding aspects to the game. If you want to change your strategy for a boss or specific battle, you won’t have to do too much with the two side slots.


When going into every battle, players will have to come up with different strategies depending on the situation. Each enemy has a companion so you may want to choose your companions to counteract them or choose companions based on the type of battle.

What I mean by “type of battle” is there are stages with special items that change normal battles. One type is time battles that include plates that display clocks and a number. To activate the clock, you’ll need to have a specific stack that coincides with the number. Once activated, you’ll freeze your opponent.

There are also special items that you can get with every victory including gears. These gears can change how fast and slow your lanes move in battle.

Just when you think you got the perfect strategy, Sushi Striker adds another layer and wrinkle to the gameplay as you progress through the story forcing players to rethink how to play.

Sushi striker battle This is how battles in 'Sushi Striker' look like. Nintendo


We did get to try out the local wireless and online mode. Players can choose normal or chaos battles. Normal battles are the usual plate stacking combats you’ll experience through the story mode but chaos battles include the time battles I talked about earlier.

Normal battles worked well and the matchmaking was easy, but the same can’t be said about the chaos battles. It took some time to find a match and connecting with another player wasn’t as seamless as the normal battles. Perhaps when the game is released and there are plenty of consoles online it’ll be easy but it’s something I noticed.

There are so many factors when playing Sushi Striker which makes this Nintendo Switch title a ton of fun. Can’t wait to get my hands on the full game.

Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido releases for Nintendo 3DS and Switch June 8.

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