Swag Watch: Air Force One Tabasco

Barack Obama is right: Air Force One is a really cool plane. And a cool plane must have cool swag. By now, you are probably well aware of the presidential M&Ms they stock on board, and the always gracious crew willingly hands out, even to lowly reporters like me, Air Force One matchbooks and cups with the plane's insignia. The White House even issues a special certificate marking your maiden voyage on the presidential aircraft, signed by the plane's pilot. But here we present the latest must-have piece of swag: The special Air Force One Tabasco Sauce. It's a teeny tiny bottle of Tabasco featuring the presidential seal. Your Gaggler snagged one a few weeks ago on a trip to Ohio. It's new-- just in time for a president who made pretty clear during the campaign that he likes hot sauce, and a lot of it. In fact, he might need a bigger bottle.