Widowed Swan Finds Lockdown Love After Tragedy

While the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented loved ones from seeing each other for weeks, a widowed swan has found a soul mate.

The swan had spent four years flying alone in Hampstead Heath, north London, after her male partner tragically lost his life after hitting a building. Following this tragedy, she initially rejected all potential mates.

Male and female swans usually attempt to mate for life, according to the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

Following his death, the female swan "made a nest and laid unfertilized eggs and never left to find anyone new, and any suitors who tried their luck were swiftly rejected," according to the City of London Corporation.

Earlier in 2020, a new pair of swans arrived at the Highgate Ponds in Hampstead Heath and made it their home, which led to the widowed swan disappearing.

The corporation tweeted: "Swans are territorial so we all wondered how she would react. Then she disappeared and nobody could find her! Was this the tragic consequence of a swan turf war? Had she fled, or been killed by the new pair?"

However, a few days later she was discovered on the roof of a property owned by a woman nearby.

Swan finds love during lockdown
The swan had initially gone missing, before being found stuck on a roof City of London Corporation
Swan finds love during lockdown
The swans were carried away from the sanctuary in IKEA bags by volunteers City of London Corporation

After being rescued, she spent the weekend at the Swan Sanctuary, where she was placed in a pen with a male swan, Wallace, who had been there since January this year and who himself had been rescued after a "territorial fight at Waltham Abbey and needed surgery to remove two fishing hooks found in his throat."

As she recovered and volunteers attempted to take her home, Wallace stood in the way.

When the volunteers tried again, Wallace stood in the way once more.

After they were eventually separated and she had been placed in the car, she cried out for Wallace.

The corporation tweeted: "The Sanctuary volunteers had to make a quick decision. They decided Wallace, her apparent new love, should come back to the Heath with her! Aww!"

Swan found stuck on roof
The female swan was found stuck on a roof City of London Corporation

Despite the reservations of some, including the belief that Wallace would take off after his weekend love affair, it's clear the two have found love.

"Soon it was obvious to the regulars that our newlyweds had eggs of their own, as the female swan could usually be found sitting on her well-hidden nest," the City of London Corporation tweeted.

"Yesterday, two months after their return to the Heath, the perfect happy, fluffy ending to the swan love story hatched!"