This Swingers' Club Is Rebranding as a Church

Madison, Tennessee, where a swingers' club is aiming to relabel itself as a church. Wikimedia Commons/Ed!

This week in bizarre local news: A Nashville neighborhood can't figure out if the new building in town is a swingers' club or a church. Which are usually pretty easy to tell apart, but not here.

The developers spent months trying to open the club in an empty space next to "Goodpasture Christian School," but the City Council blocked it. So they did the obvious thing: rebranding in a more wholesome light. The Associated Press reports:

The city council quickly passed a zoning amendment blocking the plans. But developers filed a new set of plans asking permission to renovate the building as a church. The plans were approved.

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Nashville news outlet WKRN polled locals, and most seem to be skeptical that this "church" is wholesome in nature. On one hand, the building's owner is an ordained minister. On the other, literally anyone can become an ordained minister in a few minutes online.

There's more: The sex club's "dungeon" has reportedly been repurposed as the choir room, while the "game room" is now a fellowship hall. Entirely interchangeable, right?

This Swingers' Club Is Rebranding as a Church | Culture