'Swordburst 2' Event: How to Defeat Boss, Earn Power Pauldrons During the Special 'Roblox' Event

The "Roblox" Swordburst 2 event is live. Find out how to win the Power Pauldrons during the special Power event, here.

Just in time for the holiday weekend, Roblox announced its special Powers Event. During the event, three popular Roblox games — Swordburst 2, Zombie Rush and Pirate Simulator will have special challenges for players to complete in order to earn special items, skills and badges. Among these rewards are a set of Power Pauldrons, Power Gloves and Power Eyes. The events are fairly simple to complete, but it you are sure how to get going, we've put together some mini-guides for each. In this guide, we'll take a look at the Swordburst 2 Event, in which players can earn a special pair of Power Pauldrons along with a new badge and skill. Below we've put together a quick walkthrough of what you'll need to do to beat the Swordburst 2 Event and gain the rewards. The event runs from January 18 - 31, giving players plenty of time to complete the task.

'Swordburst 2' Event: How To Earn Power Pauldrons During Special Roblox Event

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The Swordburst 2 event includes 10 waves of enemies with a reward of a new skill, badge and power item. ROBLOX

Roblox Event Description :

"There's been an invasion at the Catacombs, and we can't afford to sit back idly. Arm yourself with the strongest gear you can find, then head over there to fight against a horde of savage enemies. In exchange, you'll be granted a powerful new skill."

In order to gain your Swordburst 2 rewards, you'll need to complete a special 10 wave challenge. To start the challenge, you will need to do the following:

  • Log into the Swordburst 2 game.
  • Go to Floor 1
  • Select the Virhst Woodlands
  • Once there you'll see the Roblox event sign. It says: "Defeat 10 waves of enemies to unlock a prize and a new Dual Wielding skill!"
  • The challenge can be played solo but it's better to go in a group - particularly with higher level players.
  • Enter the queue area to begin the challenge.
  • Once the challenge begins you'll be faced with 10 waves of enemies. If you play Swordburst 2 frequently, you'll recognize the enemy waves as mobs you've seen from various floors in the game. The order of the waves is as follows:
    • Wave 1 - Run Kobold Knight
    • Wave 2 - Giant Ruin Hornet
    • Wave 3 - Icewhal
    • Wave 4 - Boneling
    • Wave 5 - Bamboo Spider/Spiderling
    • Wave 6 (Mini Boss) - Fire Scorpion
    • Wave 7 - Sand Scorpions
    • Wave 8 - Green Patrolman
    • Wave 9 - Centurion Defender
    • Wave 10 - Patrolman Elite
    • Final Boss - Sa'jeff
  • Once you've completed all 10 waves and the Boss level in one go you'll be awarded the following items:
    • New Skill: Infinity Slash - Can be used when Dual Wielding
    • New Badge: Defeated Sa-jeff Award
    • New Item: Power Pauldrons

What do you think of the Swordburst 2 event? Is it too easy? Too hard? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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