Syrian Electronic Army Claims to Have Hacked U.S. Army Website

The Syrian Electronic Army claims to have hacked the U.S. Army's website. Twitter

On Monday afternoon, the Syrian Electronic Army claimed on Twitter to have successfully hacked the website of the United States Army, 

The hackers first started tweeting about the hack around 1 p.m., writing messages like “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army” in pop ups and posting a screenshot of users of the U.S. army’s website, including entire email addresses of military members.

The website was taken down by 3 p.m., though the hackers saved an archive of the site. The hackers claimed they had posted an image stated “The defender of honor, Syrian Arab Army” on the website.

"[We] have hacked the CDN service of the US Army website which is hosted on Limelight. Because the US Army is training terrorists in Turkey," the hackers told Cyber Kendra, a technology blog

Defense officials confirmed the Army's public website had been hacked.