'Shy' Stray Cat Turns Out to Be Pet That Went Missing for Almost Two Years

A pet cat that was missing for nearly two years was reunited with its New Jersey owners last week after being found living as a stray.

The animal was turned into the Burlington County Animal Shelter on March 9 after being found in an area of Mount Laurel. Staff and volunteers were initially unable to examine it properly because it was shy and scared. It had no tag or visible identification.

Staff at the facility nicknamed the orange and white tabby "Roscoe" and noted in a post on Facebook it was afraid and needed time to adjust to its surroundings.

A shelter staffer named Lisa Cliver worked with the cat to gain its trust and conducted a full examination, discovering it was previously microchipped. Following a trace, Cliver found the cat's name was Alexander and it had been missing for well over a year.

The microchip search identified the male cat's owners as Lila Wynne and her daughter Hunter Wynne. They were reunited last Friday after almost 24 months apart.

The cat owners said that Alexander went missing after running through a screen door of their home and could not be found despite months of searching. Ultimately, the shelter said the cat had been found "just a few miles" from the Wynnes' family home.

Dan O'Connell, Deputy Director of the Burlington County Board of Commissioners, said in a statement: "There are few stories more heartbreaking than those about a lost pet, and few more heartwarming than the ones with happy reunions.

"I'm proud of the role our... shelter played in helping to bring about this happy ending. On behalf of our entire Board, I want to wish Alexander a welcome home and thank all the shelter's dedicated staff and volunteers for the work they perform every day to make sure all orphaned or stray animals receive the love and care they deserve."

He added: "I also want to encourage pet owners to consider getting their companions microchipped. Stories like Alexander's show how it can make a real difference."

According to Burlington County Animal Shelter, Lila Wynne was given the news that her cat had been located and was being cared for in a phone call last Wednesday.

Lila Wynne said: "I was so happy he was alive and we are so thrilled to get him back. He was away too long." The owner said the family had treats and blankets for Alexander at home. "We plan to give him lots of good loving," daughter Hunter Wynne added.

Earlier this month, a cat that was missing for nearly three-and-a-half years was reunited with its owners in Canada after being found more than seven miles from its home.

Burlington County Animal Shelter - Pet cat
Alexander, an orange and white domestic shorthair tabby, had been missing for nearly two years, according to his owners Lila and Hunter Wynne. Burlington County Animal Shelter/Media Release