Men Whose Plane Crashed in Florida Everglades Were Flying to Get Tacos

Two men who decided to fly across Florida to buy tacos were forced to make a crash landing in the Everglades on Tuesday.

Jose Ecarri, 21, and a pilot friend were flying from Tamiami to Arcadia in a Piper PA-32 small plane at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, when the aircraft's single engine failed. The pair had to make an emergency landing close to a highway in the Everglades, according to NBC 6.

The two men were not injured in the crash and exited the plane shortly after the landing. They were rescued from the crash site at around noon by a Miami-Dade Fire Rescue helicopter, which hoisted them to safety using a harness.

Cameras from Local 10 News captured the rescue on Tuesday, showing the men walking around the plane while they waited for the helicopter. The Local 10 footage appeared to show that the aircraft had not been badly damaged.

Ecarri's friend was transported back to Tamiami by members of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, while the 21-year-old was taken to the nearby fire control station. There he was reunited with his mother and they were filmed embracing.

Speaking to Local 10 on Tuesday afternoon, Ecarri said: "We were, like, 2,000 feet and we had an engine failure." He also revealed that after the plane had landed safely on the grass, he and his friend "looked at each other and we were like, 'We're alive.' This doesn't happen very often."

The 21-year-old added that the pair had been attempting to land the plane on the I-75 Highway after the engine failure, but had been unable to "make it," forcing them to crash in a field near the road.

"People don't usually survive this kind of stuff, and the rate we were descending, we were in a dive," Ecarri said. "I was thinking about my grandpa. He's up there and he will save me. He saved me today."

Ecarri said he and his friend had decided to fly more than 100 miles across Florida on Tuesday morning to buy tacos—and revealed that he and his mother still planned to buy some later in the day.

Taqueria Queretaro, a taco truck near the City of Arcadia Municipal Airport, posted about the crash on Facebook on Wednesday.

In its message, Taqueria Queretaro said pilots had flown to Arcadia from all over Florida to visit the truck. It also offered Ecarri and his friend free tacos.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the crash landing in a statement to Local 10 and said it was investigating to determine the cause.

Newsweek has contacted the Federal Aviation Administration and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue for further comment.

Plane crash landing in Florida
File photo of a small single-engine piston aircraft on runway. Two men had to make a crash landing in Florida on Tuesday when their plane's engine failed at 2,000 feet. Murmakova/iStock / Getty Images Plus