The Tale Of The Peterson Tapes

As Scott Peterson sits in a Modesto, Calif., jail facing a death-penalty case for murdering his wife, Laci, and their unborn child, he can ponder that old adage, hell hath no fury... Bad enough that the other woman in Peterson's life, massage therapist Amber Frey, informed police after Laci went missing Christmas Eve that she was having an affair with Scott. Now, a private investigator close to the Frey family says Frey was taping her phone calls with Scott in the weeks after Laci's disappearance to help police build their case. Frey could not be reached for comment.

The local prosecutor is mum on what he calls the "quite voluminous" evidence against Peterson. (He pleaded not guilty.) One intriguing item: a powdery substance found in his boat that appears to be cement, which prosecutors may use to explain how Laci's body stayed at the bottom of San Francisco Bay for four months. (Peterson's mother has dismissed the powder as pieces of her son's anchor.) Cops also reportedly found tidal data on Peterson's computer for the area where Laci's corpse was found, which could signal he wanted to know when to dump the body--or that he was going fishing, as he claims. Even behind bars, Peterson is said to be receiving fan mail from women who think he's innocent--and a good catch. Which proves that other adage: hope springs eternal.