Video Shows Taliban Soldiers Working Out in Presidential Palace Gym After Conquering Kabul

Video footage of Taliban soldiers working out at a gym inside Kabul's presidential palace has surfaced online, as the terrorist group flouts its control over the city.

The palace was relinquished to the militants after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on Sunday in a transfer of power that stunned the international community.

Images of Taliban fighters lounging in chairs, strolling around the halls with their guns in hand and taking pictures of each other have since emerged from inside government buildings.

The latest extraordinary footage shows up to a dozen men filming themselves using weights and other equipment from inside what is reported to be the presidential palace.

عناصر "#طالبان" يمارسون الرياضة في قاعة جيم بالقصر الرئاسي في #كابل

— Mulhak ملحق 🇱🇧 (@Mulhak) August 16, 2021
Taliban gym
Screengrabs from footage posted over social media shows up to a dozen men filming themselves using weights and other equipment from inside what is reported to be the presidential palace. Twitter

"They [Taliban] practice sports in Jim Hall at the Presidential Palace in Kabul," Middle Eastern news site Mulhak posted to Twitter alongside a 30-second clip. The video has garnered more than five million views since it was uploaded to Twitter Monday.

The video has prompted an array of responses online, with many poking fun at the militant's use of equipment.

"Trying to be 'fit for governing'," journalist Asaad Hanna quipped as one woman asked: "Should we discuss the one using the crosstrainer incorrectly?".

"That guy trying to do curls at 0:17 is going to throw his back out," writer Sean Hastings replied. "Not a single Taliban tried to deadlift," Lebanese-American essayist and author Nassim Nicholas Taleb noted.

Taliban fighters
Taliban fighters stand guard in a vehicle along the roadside in Kabul on August 16, 2021, after a stunningly swift end to Afghanistan's 20-year war, as thousands of people mobbed the city's airport trying to flee the group's feared hardline brand of Islamist rule. AFP/Getty Images

🇦🇫 #Afghanistan : les #talibans ont pris le contrôle d’un parc d’attractions à #Kaboul. (témoins)

— Mediavenir (@Mediavenir) August 16, 2021

Earlier today, a bizarre video appearing to show armed Taliban soldiers enjoying themselves while riding dodgem bumper cars at an amusement park in Kabul also gained traction online.

The clip was posted by Reuters journalist Hamid Shalizi and appears to show soldiers showing off their guns while riding around on the park rides.

Alarming footage taken during chaotic scenes at Kabul airport on Sunday appears to show three young Afghan men falling mid-air from a plane leaving the city after allegedly losing grip of the exterior of the aircraft.

The video, uploaded by the Afghan Asvaka News agency and seemingly taken from the ground, shows two unidentifiable objects falling from the body of a plane as it flies overhead.

The men were hanging to the tires of a C-17 U.S. military aircraft, the publication reported.

Other similar clips showed Afghan civilians desperately clinging to aircraft and crowding air bridges in an attempt to catch a flight out of the country.

Another shows hundreds of Afghans running alongside the body of a U.S. aircraft as it taxis along the runway and prepares to take flight. A handful of men appear to crouch under the wing while appearing to hold on to the side of the aircraft.

Following the withdrawal of the U.S. and its allies, the Taliban has managed to seize control of the nation in just over one week in a takeover that has left U.S. officials stunned.

On Sunday, August 15, militants poured into the capital, Kabul, as President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and the government effectively collapsed.

Experts now hold concerns for the quality of life of Afgan citizens, particularly the rights of women and girls, as the Taliban takes control.

The deterioration of the nation has been measured over the past decade against selected terrorism and violence indices obtained from data from the Institute for Economics and Peace and graphed by Statista.

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Quality of life Afghanistan
Quality of life measured on selected terrorism and violence indices in Afghanistan, as obtained from the Institute for Economics and Peace and graphed by Statista. Institute for Economics and Peace
Taliban fighters
Taliban fighters drive an Afghan National Army (ANA) vehicle through the streets of Laghman province on August 15, 2021. AFP/Getty Images