A Taliban Ultimatum Over Fort Hood?

Is the Taliban trying to use the Fort Hood massacre to push the U.S. out of Afghanistan? On the very day the president is meeting with his national security advisers to decide about troop strength in Afghanistan comes this remarkable communiqué from the Taliban celebrating Nidal Hasan's bloody shooting rampage at Fort Hood. Like his e-mail companion Anwar al-Awlaki, the Taliban calls Hasan a "hero" for shooting American soldiers. The group says the "carnage" in Iraq and Afghanistan has "awakened the human sympathies in the souls (sic) of the American soldier."

It also warns that unless the United States withdraws from Afghanistan and Iraq, it will become "normal for incidents and attacks similar to Texas to expand to the Pentagon and the rest of the American military bases."
Here's the full text, courtesy of the NEFA Foundation.

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