Woman's Failed Attempt To Set House on Fire With Kids Inside Caught on Video

A woman in the United Kingdom's failed attempt at setting a home on fire with children inside was caught on camera, according to the Sussex Police.

Talisa Windsor, 30, of Amberley Drive in Hove, was sentenced to six years in prison, including three years on extended license at Chichester Crown Court on February 18, 2022.

She was found guilty of attempted arson reckless as to endangering life, according to a press release.

"This was an extremely disturbing incident which threatened the lives of a family with two young children, who were inside the house when Talisa Windsor attempted to set it alight," said investigating officer Rose Horan according to the press release.

Windsor's failed attempt was also caught on camera and the Sussex Police posted the footage to their Twitter page on Wednesday.

The footage showed Windsor stealing petrol from a gas station before going to a property in Moyne Close, Hove, and attempting to set the home alight.

"At 6:35 p.m. on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, Windsor was caught on CCTV pouring 3.7 litres of petrol, which she had recently stolen from a nearby petrol station, around the front door of a property." the press release said.

"She attempted to set the petrol alight by filling a broken bottle with petrol and tissue and throwing it at the door, but fortunately it failed to ignite.

"Windsor also tried to throw a brick through a front window."

Police were called to the property after members of the public reported smelling petrol and Windsor was witnessed filling the bottle.

"CCTV showed that the cigarette lighter did ignite, so it was extremely lucky that the 3.7 litres of petrol around the front door did not go up in flames. Had that happened, we could have been looking at a tragic outcome," added Horan.

It was later revealed that Windsor had sent a number of threatening messages to the occupants.

The victims of the attempted attack told police they did know Windsor. Authorities also said that among the threatening messages were death threats.

She was remanded in custody and in October 2021 was found guilty of attempted arson reckless as to endangering life by a jury.

"His Honour Judge Trimmer found Windsor met the criteria for a dangerous offender and passed an extended sentence," said investigating officer Horan. "I would like to thank the victims, witnesses and everybody who supported the investigation for their help in bringing a dangerous individual to justice."

Newsweek has contacted the Sussex Police Department for comment.

Image of Talisa Windsor provided by Sussex Police. Talisa Windsor was jailed for six years, with another three on license for the failed arson attack. Sussex Police