Talking Bird Insists It's a Chicken in Viral Video

A clip of a talking bird called Nugget who appears to thinks it's a chicken is going viral online, with people claiming she's their new "spirit animal."

The bird's owner has been sharing hilarious videos of her pet's impressive vocabulary, which includes her catchphrase "Hi my name is Nugget and I'm a big fat chicken."

Clips of Nugget talking on TikTok have racked up millions of views online, as people were impressed with the animal's mimicking abilities.

Among her repertoire are phrases including "you're a pretty girl", "what's for snacks?", "gimmie kiss" and "what you doing?"

Her owner, who posts under the name Pupline, explained on the platform: "She's imitating things she's heard."

She said Nugget is an Indian Mynah bird, who she rescued as a chick.

Pupline said she was "wild but bonded... Rescued as a teeny baby out of a tree after a windstorm."

And revealing how the bird got her name, Pupline wrote: "My wife said it a few times and it stuck."

Nugget's mimicry has gone down a storm online, with TikToker Ash Jacobi saying: "I've never related to a creature more than I do nuggets. My name is Ashley and I'm a big fat chicken who loves snacks."

Emily Frank commented: "I think maybe my new favourite animal TikTok animal."

Whitney Rambo added: "I relate to Nugget on a personal level."

Cacie Jackson joked: "Me telling my husband I want snacks."

Jessie Jacobson wrote: "This bird needs to be animated and added to every cartoon movie there is."

Petting website The Spruce Pets lists Indian Mynah birds as "chatty" and "intelligent", adding they can be found all over the world as pets after originally hailing from India, Africa and southeast Asia.

They said: "Its striking features and friendly personality make this bird a favorite among bird enthusiasts who consider the mynah one of the best avian mimics of human speech, second only to the gray parrot. If you get a mynah bird as a pet, be prepared for it to do more than repeat things you say. These birds have a wide and varied vocalization repertoire that includes whistling, screeching, and other noises that are oddly human-sounding.

"Hill [mynah] and common mynahs are renowned for their ability to mimic the human voice. They can learn up to 100 words. The key to teaching your bird to talk is repetition and patience. Choose the word or phrase you want it to learn and clearly say the word, repeating it over and over again."

Pupline, who's thought to live in Hawaii with Nugget, admitted her pet has scared a few people over the years with its speaking abilities.

She said: "She chased the mail lady out and down my driveway while I was sleeping one night screaming Out Out Out Out! Wish I had video."

Stock image of a Mynah bird
Stock image of a Mynah bird on someone's head. A video of an Indian Mynah bird calling itself a chicken is going viral online. Biswa1992/Getty iStock