Tarantula Rescued From Roof by Animal Shelter Turns Out to Be Old Halloween Decoration

When an animal shelter was called to come and rescue a tarantula which was stuck on a roof, they could not have expected what they found.

Staff from the Peninsula Humane Society in California arrived at the scene and climbed up with a ladder to meet the supposedly stranded arachnid, only to find it was merely a forgotten Halloween decoration.

Buffy Tarbox, communications manager at the animal rescue shelter, told local news outlet SFGATE: "She said it looked like it had been up there for a while. I guess if you don't like spiders, that's the better outcome."

The staff member removed the animal in a plastic box, and Tarbox revealed that the two homeowners, who live in San Mateo, couldn't help but laugh.

She explained: "The homeowners didn't know the decoration was there. Everyone thought it was real."

The fake spider was brought back to the Peninsula Humane Society where it became the star in several office pranks.

Tarbox added: "It became this funny thing where they were placing it on various people's desks. That joke wore a little thin. It was put into the trash."

Speaking of the unconventional rescue operation, she went on to explain: "We will assist any animal that needs our help. We're not going to turn our back on a dog, or even a hairy tarantula."

Footage of the spider in the box was shared to the Peninsula Humane Society's official Facebook page on October 3, along with the caption: "We received a call from a person concerned that a pet Tarantula was stranded on a roof top.

"Our Animal Rescue & Control staff arrived to rescue the spider, but it was actually a Halloween decoration, not a pet Tarantula requiring our help."

The post has received nearly 250 likes and many people also rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the humorous situation.

One Facebook user, Becky Michael, wrote: "Funny! But, I have to commend the person who cared enough about a lost tarantula to call it in!"

Another person, Carina DeVera, added: "Glad you kept it in that container though, just to be safe."

David Winslow joked: "They should come to my spider cave Halloween display."

Lane Smith gushed: "Too funny!!!"

Patricia Sue Arp typed: "Nice Happy Halloween thanks for all you do!!"

Bill Stephens asked: "Are you serious?"

To this, the Peninsula Humane Society replied: "Indeed we are serious. This was an actual call we responded to!"

A stock image of a tarantula. An animal shelter in California was called to rescue a tarantula from a roof, only to find it was a wayward Halloween decoration. iStock