Tattoo Artists Tell Reddit the Strangest Tattoos They've Done or Seen

Redditors, including tattoo artists, recently revealed the most messed up things they've ever seen or tattooed, and some of the responses are quite shocking and surprising. From an "American rebel flag tattooed" on someone's neck to a "pigeon on their side with a word bubble saying 'It's coo,'" people didn't hold back with their answers on the topic.

The Reddit post, which has now gone viral, has over 40,000 upvotes and almost 7,000 comments so far. The question was posed on February 1 by u/carlden3. The post is titled, "Tattoo artists of Reddit, what is the most f**ked up thing you've tattooed?"

According to Statista, in a survey in 2021, 74 percent of Americans said they didn't have any tattoos. About 17 percent revealed they had multiple tattoos. About 9 percent said they have one tattoo, and 1 percent of participants skipped the question.

A tattoo artist admitted the list is quite long, however, one tattoo made them "laugh the most." They revealed: "Wile E. Coyote's arm poking out of a dude's butt, holding a sign that said 'help.'" The comment garnered over 16,000 upvotes.

Person getting tattoo
Redditors recently revealed the most messed up thing they've seen or tattooed on a person. Here, a person is getting a tattoo. ZORANDIMZR/GETTY

One person recalled a man, who was a regular customer of the Redditor's, had a scorpion on his forearm and a tarantula on the other one. But it gets better. "Only their heads were replaced by Beavis and Butthead," they revealed.

Other comments were humorous. One artist tattooed "667" on a man's forehead. "Neighbor of the beast," they added.

Another Redditor revealed someone they grew up with had an "American rebel flag tattooed on his neck." While another user weighed in with their example of the most messed up tattoo they've seen. A "pigeon on their side with a word bubble saying 'It's coo,'" they wrote.

A Redditor recalled that a female client had a dream about "marrying a dolphin." She had a tattoo of herself as a mermaid done, "rising from the water in an embrace with the dolphin." Halfway through the process, despite hitting on the artist and telling stories about their ex, she argued about the color scheme being used, leaving with only the outline and some shading done.

But the stories didn't end there. A Redditor's brother, who lost a bet in a fraternity house, supposedly "had to get a tattoo of a ladder on his rear end going towards his anus."

Another artist ended up tattooing Jack Skellington's head (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) that was the size of an actual dinner plate on a woman's lower back. They "tried to talk her out of it 'cause she was young and tiny, but she insisted."

A Redditor recalled that their wife knew someone while in high school who was "in a big hurry to get their first tattoo, and it turned out it was of a surfing pig."

A tattoo artist once showed their client a piece they were working on for someone else. "It was a big arm tribal piece and mixed in the tribal were little guys lifting weights," they revealed. "It was for a gym bro."

Some revelations were confusing. A Redditor revealed their friend had the words, "Only judge can God me" tattooed on their arm.

While another person had a family member who actually "has a cat on his stomach and his belly button is the cat's a**hole."

Newsweek reached out to u/carlden3 for comment.