Who Is the Child on Taylor Swift's 'Gorgeous'? Fans Are Determined to Find Out

Taylor Swift performing at the Grammy Awards in 2016. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Taylor Swift's new song "Gorgeous" is a pretty typical Swift single in almost every way—except for the first half-second of the song, which features the voice of a child saying "gorgeous." Immediately the question in every fan's mind was: Who is this kid, and why is his or her toddler voice now forever memorialized in a Taylor Swift song? It makes sense when Beyoncé does it on her songs—at least she has kids. But this 27-year-old pop star isn't a mom, so what gives?

The mystery only heightened when on Friday, Swift's verified Tumblr page reblogged a fan asking that very question and added a cryptic reply: "300 people know." Soon after, Swift deleted the post.

Taylor Swift reblogged a post on Tumblr saying that only the people at the secret session know who has the little kid voice in #Gorgeous pic.twitter.com/ynVgmE97Jc

— SWIFTIESâ„¢ (@SwiftiesIndia) October 20, 2017

That's an unusual number to offer. Three hundred is likely too many to confide in individually—but it could be a reasonable number of friends to have shared with on, say, a private Facebook account. Whatever it meant, the tantalizing detail was more than enough to launch Swift fans into an investigation.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's daughter

It is rumoured that the child’s voice at the start of Taylor’s Swift’s new song, #Gorgeous is Blake and Ryan’s daughter James! pic.twitter.com/dFlvRtNqTc

— Blake Lively Updates (@blakelivelyf) October 20, 2017

One theory taking over the internet is that the voice belongs to the child of Swift's famous friends Lively and Reynolds. The couple's first daughter, James, is almost 3, and their second daughter, Ines, recently turned 1.

Swift as a child

I think the little girl in #Gorgeous is @taylorswift13 when she was 3. Listen to the Best Day. https://t.co/wiqf18LWMW @shookswiftie

— Swiftie InTheHood (@SwiftieNTheHood) October 19, 2017

Another reasonable theory is that the audio is Swift herself. It wouldn't be the first time a musician sampled her voice as a child, and Swift certainly had no problem sharing childhood moments with her fans in the past. In fact, the entire music video for her 2009 song "The Best Day" features footage of Swift as a child.

Some fans think the voice from "The Best Day" matches the voice from "Gorgeous," but don't all children sound the same, really?

Swift's godson, Leo Thames Newman

View this post on Instagram

What love looks like... LT and TS ♥️

A post shared by Jaime King (@jaime_king) on

If you're not a super Swiftie, you may not know the pop star is a godmother. But she is, to actress, model and longtime girl-squad member Jaime King's son. Considering King often posts pictures of the two, it doesn't seem like she would mind her son getting a jump on his celebrity career.

Jaime's son/Taylor's godson maybe?!? https://t.co/MBTmkTW34x

— 𝓛𝑜𝓋𝑒, Carín (cuhh-rin!) (@wanderingswifty) October 20, 2017

Lily Aldridge's daughter, Dixie Pearl Followill

Speaking of babies Swift has been photographed with, there's also the child of Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge. Dixie Pearl is 4 years old and already an honorary member of her mom's squad. Apparently she and Swift are "best friends," according to a People interview with Aldridge from 2015.

Will fans ever know the truth? Well, with 300 people in on it, it seems likely the secret will get out—and it will probably be in the music video.

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