Taylor Swift Surprises Fans At Butterfly Mural in Nashville Ahead of TS7 Announcement

Taylor Swift surprised fans in Nashville Thursday, appearing with no prior confirmation in front of a large butterfly mural that had earlier been rumored to be linked to an upcoming big announcement from the pop star.

The mural with its large, brightly colored butterfly wings, first appeared in Nashville's Gulch neighborhood last week, sparking rumors of a Swift connection. Fans flocked to the mural Thursday morning when the artwork was given additional details, less than 24 hours before Swift is scheduled to make an announcement, or release new music, according to the Desert Sun.

Appearing at the mural, Swift told the crowd of more than 200 fans that another hint to whatever this news is will premiere on ABC Thursday night between 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET, according to Taylor Swift fan Twitter account, @Swift_Alert. She also applauded the audience for decoding the mural clue, which Swift acknowledged had no confirmed connection to her upcoming announcement.

"You guys are amazing for figuring this out because no one knew we were coming," she told the crowd. "No one knew this was a part of the campaign and what we're doing. You figured out the clue. You're the best. I love you so much."

The mural's artist, Kelsey Montegue, added the word "ME!" to the middle of the wings on Thursday morning as a crowd of Swift fans gathered. Many fans theorized that "ME!" could be the name of Swift's upcoming single, which would kick off the TS7 era.

A Taylor Swift fan account posted this image on Twitter of the mural as it was Thursday morning:

Swift fans have been following a detailed clue trail, and many Nashville locals found another piece in the puzzle before Swift's involvement was confirmed. Swift's Instagram account exploded with bright pastels over the past few weeks, and the mural is no different. The super-sized butterfly wings were painted on a pink wall, and included the bright colors the star had been wearing and showing since she teased April 26 as an important date.

The mural also has symbolic hearts, 13 of them in the fashion of Swift's ever-present favorite number, which have also been featured in the April 26 build up. Swift appeared at the Time 100 Gala on Tuesday wearing a diamond-studded heart ring, similar to one in an image she posted on her Instagram. She also performed a set of acoustic songs with a new guitar, one with glittery, pink hearts painted on the instrument's face.

Other images of cats and flowers are seen throughout the mural, two other living things the singer has used in promotional images. There are also seven stars in the mural, which some fans explained could signify the seventh album cycle for Swift, in a vocal Twitter conversation.

Swift's team did not respond to Newsweek's request for comment on the possible connection.

No other murals of similar design have been reported in other areas or cities. The artist, who has around ninety thousand followers on Instagram, originally told reporters on site that the mural is in connection with the 2019 NFL Draft, which begins Thursday, and which will also be carried by ABC, the very network Swift mentioned fans to watch Thursday for the next clue.

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