Keith Richards Is Not Impressed with Taylor Swift, Thinks Mick Jagger Should Get a Vasectomy

Keith Richards and Taylor Swift have a lot in common: They're both rich, they both have a fondness for country music, they both have shared the stage with Mick Jagger, they both have written songs with "Trouble" in the title and—well, only one of them has snorted his father's ashes mixed with cocaine.

OK, they don't have that much in common. And they're not destined for friendship, either. The longtime Rolling Stones guitarist dissed Swift in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Magazine, suggesting that her success won't last long.

"Good luck, girl—wish her well while it lasts," Richards said when asked about Swift. Then he elaborated on his dislike for pop music: “I’ve just been around too long to be picking the bones out of kids. It wouldn’t be fair of me, and I’ve always been an opinionated bastard anyway. And I never did really like pop music—even when I became pop music, I was listening to the blues and jazz and not interested in the hits.”

Richards, indestructible icon and eternal trash-talker, may not realize that Swift has been enormously successful for more than a decade already.

But considering the Stones have been going strong for more than half a century, Richards' sense of time might be a little bit warped.

Keith Richards Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones attends The Rolling Stones celebrate the North American debut of Exhibitionism at Industria. Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Weirdly, this is not the first time he has expressed contempt for Swift. In 2015, he dismissed her as "the flavor of the month."

But Richards' most cutting diss from the Journal interview was directed at his bandmate, Jagger. Discussing Jagger's recent baby, Richards joked, "It’s time for the snip—you can’t be a father at that age. Those poor kids!”

After the piece was published, Richards apologized for suggesting Jagger should get a vasectomy and tweeted that the comment was "out of line."

We look forward to Swift's eventual hit song trashing Richards in the most withering possible terms. She should title it "Swifty Fingers."