Teacher Calls 911 After Students Cry Out for Help When Intruder Breaks In during Remote Class

A teacher alerted police after noticing her students in a remote learning class were crying out for help because an intruder had broken into their home in California.

Jennifer Petersen told CBS13 that she waits until the last student has logged off before signing off on her computer after distance learning classes, which some schools are using to teach during the coronavirus pandemic.

But when two students did not sign off straight away after class last Thursday, she watched as their faces went "from concern to panic" and they started screaming for help.

"They kept saying help us, help us and calling out to me," Petersen said, adding that she immediately called 911 and stayed online with the children until help arrived.

Their children's mother Reyna Luna said a man had broken into the home in Galt through a window and run out of a back door.

Reyna Luna was live.

Luna live-streamed the scene on Facebook after she arrived to find police outside and officers arresting the suspect.

"Guy broke in to the house then went out the back door and jumped over to the neighbors house saying he was being chased by guys with rifles. Then he went to the neighbors house in to her garage and hid under their car. So scary," Luna wrote in a comment alongside the video. She has been contacted for additional comment.

Over the weekend, Galt Police announced in a post on Facebook that they had arrested 55-year-old Louis Dulay, who they said had broken into a home with two children inside last Thursday.

"Thank you Galt PD for your fast response. Thank You Mrs. Peterson for staying logged in to help my kids by calling 911 and for giving them the protection and comfort that they needed at that moment even though you were miles away," Luna commented on the post.

RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY ARRESTOn 10/15/2020, at approximately 1341 hours, Officers responded to a residence near Lake...

Posted by Galt Police Department on Saturday, October 17, 2020

Galt Police said officers responded to a burglary in progress at a residence near Lake Canyon Avenue and Golden Heights Drive at around 1.40 p.m. on October 15.

"The reporting party advised a male subject had entered through a window of the residence while two children were inside," police added. "The male subject fled from the residence and jumped over their back fence into a neighbor's yard."

Another caller reported that the suspect had broken into their garage and said that he had claimed he was "being chased by several subjects with rifles."

Officers arrived at the scene and attempted to locate the suspect and found he had entered the residence through a garage door and attempted to hide between a couch and coffee table.

Dulay, who is from Galt, was arrested and is facing charges including burglary, child endangerment and tampering with a vehicle.

He was booked into Sacramento County Main Jail, police said.

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Stock photo. A teacher in California called police when she saw the panicked faces of two students after a man broke into their home at the end of a remote learning class. Getty