Teacher Repeatedly Hit, Swung at Student With Computer Charger: Deputies

A teacher in Georgia was arrested on simple assault charges on Thursday after she allegedly attacked two students with a computer charger, repeatedly hitting one in the head.

Spalding County deputies were called to Kennedy Road Middle School in Griffin, Georgia on Wednesday after receiving a report that a student had allegedly been struck by a teacher, according to a press release from the Spalding County Sheriff's office.

Deputies were given access to classroom video footage, which reportedly showed eighth-grade math and science teacher, Cassandra Barlow, entering the classroom with other students, as one student sat in her chair behind her desk.

"The teacher grabbed a wired computer charger from her desk, swung the plug-in end of the charger at the student sitting in the chair, missed him, struck another student in the forehead, and he fell to the floor," said Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix.

Dix added that the video allegedly showed Barlow swinging the cable twice more at the student, who was attempting to shield his body away from the blows. The student on the ground reportedly stood up, covered his face with his t-shirt, and left the classroom, followed by Barlow.

"The student that was hit received a small laceration and had swelling to his forehead where he was hit," said Dix.

On Wednesday night, Barlow voluntarily went to the sheriff's office to be interviewed by investigators, and police reported she "was fully cooperative and forthcoming about the incident."

On Thursday morning, deputies charged Barlow with one count of battery and one count of simple assault. Her bond was set Thursday afternoon and Spalding County Jail records do not list Barlow's name as of Friday.

Griffin-Spalding County School's (GSCS) Executive Director of Communication and Partnerships, Adam Pugh, forwarded a statement to Newsweek that said, "Ms.Barlow was immediately placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the sheriff department investigation and the school system's internal investigation."

The Kennedy Road Middle School website shows that Barlow has been teaching for 10 years. On her page, she shares that her philosophy of education is that "every child should be given equal opportunity to be successful. It is my job as an educator to help them reach success in the classroom and in life."

This is not the first incident involving a teacher physically assaulting a student in Georgia this year, as a high school teacher was arrested in January for shoving a student to the ground during an argument that occurred inside a classroom.

The incident last month took place at a school only an hour away from the Kennedy Road Middle School near Atlanta.

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