Teacher Stabs Colleague to Death Over Work Grudge, Police Say

Police in eastern China are investigating a suspected murder at one of the country's most prestigious universities after arresting a faculty member for allegedly stabbing a colleague to death on Monday.

Police in Shanghai's Yangpu district said the knifing incident took place at 2:52 p.m. local time, on the campus of a university on Handan Road. The statement did not name the college, but Shanghai's public research institute Fudan University is the only one located on the road.

According to the authorities, a 39-year-old male staff member, surnamed Jiang, was detained at the scene. The victim, a 49-year-old surnamed Wang, was declared dead by arriving paramedics, the police added.

Following question, Jiang admitted to holding a grudge against his colleague "due to work reason" and "intentionally harmed him," the statement said.

Jiang remains in custody while the investigation continues.

Communist Party newspaper Global Times said it spoke with students who confirmed the incident's location as Fudan University. However, the university itself has not commented on the matter, which is trending on China's social media platforms due to the reputable nature of the college.

On Weibo, China's largest social media platform, footage purportedly shows Jiang covered in blood after Monday's incident while kneeling in a hallway and being questioned by police.

The man tells an officer that he had been "poorly treated" by his victim, whom he killed with a knife he "bought online."

Other unconfirmed media reports, citing various unnamed sources at the college, have identified the suspect as associate professor Jiang Wenhua. Fudan University's website lists Jiang as a faculty member at its School of Mathematical Sciences.

He was educated in the United States and has past affiliations with Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins University.

The thus far unsubstantiated reports claim Jiang's victim is Wang Yongzhen, the department's Communist Party secretary. Party secretaries are assigned to schools and businesses in order to supervise personnel and ensure they toe the party line.

Jiang, who is a statistics researcher, is said to have signed on with Fudan University for six years but was dismissed after failing to meet academic requirements, reports said.

Newsweek emails to addresses associated with Fudan University and Jiang were not returned at the time of writing.

In 2015, graduate student Lin Senhao was executed after he was found guilty of poisoning his roommate at Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University two years earlier.

In one of the most notable cases of the last decade, Lin admitted to lacing the drinking water in his dorm room with N-Nitrosodimethylamine. His roommate was hospitalized and died of multiple organ failure five days later.

On Tuesday, Fudan University confirmed party official Wang Yongzhen was the victim of the attack. Tributes have poured in to the university's website from colleagues and students.

The college did not name the perpetrator in its statement, saying only that it had set up a task force to cooperate with the ongoing police investigation.

This story has been updated with a statement by Fudan University.

Police Investigate China University Stabbing
Fudan University in Shanghai, China. A faculty member was arrested for allegedly stabbing a colleague to death on Monday. Fudan University