Teacher's Tweet About Students Giving Him Bizarre Breakfast Goes Viral

This teacher has kids so sweet they just might give him a cavity.

A Mississippi teacher's tweet about his young students thoughtfully sharing their own food to make sure he ate breakfast has taken Twitter by storm.

Dee Holt, better known as @D_1andOnly_ to his 34,500 Twitter followers, posted on Tuesday a hilariously sweet classroom moment with his middle school students that morning. "I told my students I wanted breakfast and this what they gave me LMAOOOOOO," he wrote.

He added a photo of the "meal" his students provided him with: a Honey Bun, two Sour Punch straws, a fruit punch Capri Sun and a handful of loose Takis.

"It's 8oClock bruh," he jokingly added.

I told my students I wanted breakfast and this what they gave me LMAOOOOOO it’s 8oClock bruh pic.twitter.com/j5KkpMIRW9

— Dee Holt ❄️ ➏ (@D_1andOnly_) April 27, 2021

Holt spoke to Newsweek and shared the heartfelt story behind the silly tweet. "I am a sixth-grade teacher in Jackson, [Mississippi] ... These were my homeroom kids and they always get their breakfast in the morning from the school that's served," he explained.

"Many had breakfast and I jokingly said I wish I had me some breakfast. That's when the kids proceeded to give me their few snacks that they had."

Holt noted that the food they produced came from their own snacks they had packed for the school day.

"Many of them snack on those same snacks in the morning as well but felt generous enough to share with me since I stated that I was hungry," Holt told Newsweek.

His story about his students' big hearts quickly took off on Twitter. Since posting two days ago, the post has been liked over 220,700 times and retweeted nearly 17,500 times.

Several took the chance to joke about the seemingly random assortment of food his class gave him. "You eating at the most expensive restaurant in DC," one anonymous commenter joked. "Looks like all four food groups to me," another humorously added.

you eating at the most expensive restaurant in dc pic.twitter.com/TpsmkJjQEK

— Explaining Ariana Grande (@7captaincatbug7) April 27, 2021

Many expressed how much he must mean to his students if they were willing to give up some of their favorite snacks. "They gave you a Honey Bun ... that's a rare offer," one user joked. "The hot chips on a napkin too and not a piece of paper they went above and beyond," another added.

"Someone parted with a fruit punch Capri Sun for you??? And someone else parted with a Honey Bun? That's it, you're now obligated to pass all of them and they better get a raving 5-star review on parent-teacher's conference night," one enthusiastic Twitter user commented.

Other educators on the app compared snacks their students shared with them. "They beating my student's gifts to me!!" one teacher joked, posting a photo of the Captain Wafer crackers her class gave to her. Another woman who said she was working as an educator in Korea shared a photo of an impressive prepackaged meal she received from students.

currently teaching in Korean and the food gifts😩 pic.twitter.com/JxjfJOCowV

— Jeanet (@BraveJaay) April 27, 2021

Holt noted that he had no idea such a silly story would have such a viral impact on users across Twitter. "Teacher Appreciation Week is next week. They said they gon' really hook me up so we gon' see. They love my a** tho," he joked in a follow-up tweet.

In subsequent posts in the thread, he also shared some videos he had taken in class showing the special bond he has formed with his students. In one clip, where he tries to explain he is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, his kids tease him and say that he's actually in "Apple Fried Apple."

Context to why they called me “Apple Fried Apple” 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 LMAOOOOOOO pic.twitter.com/H5Sz9aJkjC

— Dee Holt ❄️ ➏ (@D_1andOnly_) April 27, 2021

Another video features his students rapping with him before their lesson starts.

"What we doing in the classroom?" he starts.

His students each take a line about school activities, ranging from eating snacks, doing homework and "vibing."

One even jokingly sings, "We got Apple Fried Apple in the classroom!"

Here’s a look of what a day in my classroom looks like lol pic.twitter.com/SV6jMCiYk8

— Dee Holt ❄️ ➏ (@D_1andOnly_) April 27, 2021

"It's safe to say we [have] a fun relationship," Holt told Newsweek. "We've been virtually nearly 70% of the year so I'm just not getting the chance to engage with them in person. I try to make it enjoyable for them."

Holt is not the only educator going viral for his classroom antics. In late March, an elementary school art teacher made a viral TikTok covering the much more serious topic of emergency classroom safety when she called out her school district's "bucket" solution.

Teacher Twitter breakfast
A teacher has gone viral for his tweet about his students giving him a very sugary but thoughtful breakfast in the classroom. Dee Holt/Twitter