Team Fishes Car out of Swimming Pool After Teen Driver Sinks It in Accident

A Colorado teen received a citation after driving a car into a swimming pool last Thursday, said the local fire department on social media. The West Metro Fire Department and Ace Towing were called to help recover the vehicle that had been completely submerged. Thankfully, the vehicle was safely recovered, and no one—including the driver and the passenger of the car—was hurt, said police.

Video shared by the West Metro Fire Department shows the car fully submerged and sitting at the bottom of the pool. "Going in was probably a bit easier than coming out," the fire department tweeted.

Going in was probably a bit easier than coming out. Our dive team, assisting in recovering a car that went into a pool in the 1100 blk. of South Flower Circle. Driver & passenger got out- without injury. @LakewoodPDCO issued a citation to a teen driver.

— WestMetroFire (@WestMetroFire) July 16, 2021

To remove the vehicle from the pool, the fire department's dive team had to first help hitch the car to the tow rig. A spokesperson for the fire department told Newsweek that the dive team was underwater for 10 to 15 minutes, working to connect the chains to multiple locations on the car.

Once the car was securely connected, the tow company worked together to slowly lift the vehicle out from the water.

The video has a combined total of more than 20,000 views across Facebook and Twitter.

The police took to social media to publicly express their gratitude for both teams.

"Thank you to @WestMetroFire for the follow-up work, Ace Towing for getting the car out of said pool & to all that is good in the world for there being NO injuries to anyone," tweeted Lakewood Police Friday.

Just for clarification… this happened yesterday.

— Lakewood Police (@LakewoodPDCO) July 16, 2021

One viewer expressed that they didn't understand why the fire department was called to help recover the vehicle.

The Facebook commenter said: "Someone please explain why our tax dollars were used to help get the car out. Good training for the dive team?"

In response, the fire department explained that the vehicle posed a "potential danger to the public."

"Leaking oil, gas and other fluids are a potential danger to the public and the environment," they said. "We have assisted in recovering vehicles out of Bear Creek Lake, Clear Creek and out of ponds on some area golf courses. Our dive and swift water rescue team [are] trained to handle these situations.

"This is considered a public service call," they continued. "Like when our crews get babies out of locked cars or shore up a building after a vehicle has crashed into it."

With everyone involved in the accident safe, several commenters took the opportunity to make one very obvious joke.

"Wow! Talk about carpooling," replied one Facebook commenter.

"That is NOT what we meant by carpooling," joked another commenter on Twitter.

Car submerged in pool
A tow company and the local fire department were called to help recover a car that had been submerged in a pool by a Colorado teen. The fire department said that it was called in to help because the vehicle posed a "potential danger to the public." @LakewoodPDCO/ Lakewood Police/Twitter Screenshot