So now that you're hooked on your iPod, you don't mind exposing the world to those guilty pleasures buried deep in your playlists. Luckily, a swarm of companies is putting out speakers designed just for your MP3s. TIP SHEET put four to the test.

Isoundz: Desperate for speakers? These will do in a vise-like pinch. Tinny and meek, this flimsy $40 device sounds like an old-school AM transistor. digital

JBL On Stage: Its groovy shape and sleek touch-sensitive buttons complement a full sound. At $160, the best boogie for the buck.

iBoom: It evokes Fisher-Price, but it's ideal for pool parties and dorm rooms. The sound is hollow for $150; still, the built-in radio is nice.

SoundDock: Such elegance! Such a price tag! At $299, Bose boasts a luscious sound. Find it a good home: this speaker ain't portable.