Technology: Picking on Apple

Listeners complain all the time about missing bands on iTunes--like Hawthorne Heights, an emo-punk group that hasn't licensed its albums for the site. What do you do if you can't find your favorite tunes? Try these legal alternatives: is devoted to up-and-coming independent artists--with songs at only 25 cents a tune. Search here for bands on the cusp of stardom. has become the place for groupies to go. You'll find Hawthorne Heights here, or search for your favorite band's home page to watch videos, download songs (free of charge) and leave steamy love notes. is a hot alternative. It offers easy ways to explore new music. You pay $10 a month for unlimited listening. A site that showcases unsigned bands and rock-star wanna-bes. Create an account free of charge, and you can download songs ranging from alternative to indie. The site also lets you watch videos and get tour info. Rock on!