Who Is Ted Bundy's Daughter, Rose? Everything We Know About the Killer's Only Biological Child Today

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile shows Ted Bundy's ability to be a family man. He lived with Liz Kolepfer and her daughter, Molly, for seven years, and hid his sick urges to kill from the people he considered his family. Bundy and Kloepfer didn't stay together once he was incarcerated, but Bundy did father a daughter while he was on death row. Here's what is known of her.

Carole Ann Boone gave birth to a daughter, Rose Bundy, in October 1982. That means Rose is 36 years old today. Where Rose is, or what she's been up to in recent years is unknown. This may be because her parents divorced in 1986 and moved away from Florida, where Bundy was on death row, and Boone never saw him again.

For the entirety of their relationship, which began as a workplace friendship years earlier, Boone believed Bundy was innocent and advocated for his release and wrongful conviciton.

Many sources assume Rose now lives under an alias, though no one has confirmed her whereabouts. The most common rumors claim she's changed her name multiple times, and no longer lives in the United States.

Photos of Bundy, Boone and Rose can be found on the internet from the family's visits with the serial killer ahead of his execution. It's widely believed Bundy confessed to Boone just before his death. Whether or not she maintained a belief that he was innocent is unknown. Rose, seemingly, would fall under similar beliefs as her mother. Boone disappeared from the public shortly after she left Florida, and has been difficult to trace. This led many crime followers to think she likely changed her name, too.

While multiple reports of Boone's death have surfaced, most recently a claim she died in 2018 of septic shock, no reports of Rose's death exist. Some Facebook groups host posts where members upload photos of strangers online they think could be the daughter of the infamous killer.

Nothing has been proved factual, in terms of rumors and claims about Rose, or even Boone. The only thing obvious is that the pair, alive or not, don't, and have not ever wanted, to be found.

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