Ted Cruz Accuses Kamala Harris of Avoiding 'Biden Cages' During Border Visit

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News criticizing Vice President Kamala Harris' recent border trip and the implementation of critical race theory in schools.

Cruz joined Fox News host Jesse Watters on his show Watters World Saturday night to discuss critical race theory and the U.S. border crisis. Watters asked Cruz if the American people are "buying" Harris' trip to El Paso, Texas.

"She gave into the political pressure," Cruz said. "It's been 93 days since she was appointed to be in charge of the border crisis. 93 days ago—that's over three months. In the whole time, she hadn't been to the border once. She ran everywhere else she could go. She went to the Canadian border, but not our southern border."

"Finally, after 93 days, she couldn't take the criticism. She said 'alright let's go to the border,' but how far away can I get from the kids in cages? El Paso is a wonderful community, a vibrant border community, an important city in Texas, but it's not the epicenter of the crisis," Cruz told Watters.

Cruz said Harris avoided going 800 miles southeast to the Rio Grande Valley where the United States-Mexico border situation is in crisis.

"The reason she did not go to the Rio Grande Valley is that's where the Biden cages are," Cruz said. "That's where you see cage after cage after cage of little boys and little girls on the floor, no mats, no cots, side-by-side, one after the other after the other, wrapped in reflective emergency blankets. That's where you see facilities with the rate of Covid positivity of 10 percent."

President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris wanted to avoid those kinds of facilities being caught on camera, according to Cruz. He said that Biden caused the current border crisis by halting construction on the border wall, reinstating the "Catch and Release" policy, and ending the "Remain in Mexico" policy.

"I'm glad she finally went to the border," Cruz said. "She had no solutions, she had no answers. She has caused this problem. Joe Biden has caused this problem.

"[The "Remain in Mexico" policy] was working, and then Biden and Harris came in and screwed it up, and now they have no solutions."

Watters added that going to the Rio Grande Valley would look bad for Harris in the future. He said the association with the "Biden cages" could be used against her by far-left figures if she were to run for president.

"It's optics. She doesn't want to go down to where the action is," Watters said. "She doesn't want to get photographed standing next to cages, standing next to border patrol. She wants to run for president herself so she doesn't want those images out there."

Senator Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at a news conference on the U.S. Southern Border on May 12, 2021 in Washington, DC. Sen. Cruz criticized Vice President Kamala Harris' visit to the Mexico border on Fox News. Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

The two also discussed critical race theory in schools. Watters compared the anti-critical race theory movement to the Tea Party Movement from over a decade ago.

"I think it is waking a lot of people up. The thing about it is that the people who are realizing that this garbage is being taught in school, many of them are not people who have been politically active in the past," Cruz said. "Suddenly they are finding out that their local school is teaching [their children] that America is fundamentally racist."

The senator called critical race theory "poison" that is being given to the children. Cruz said he believes the federal government should not be indoctrinating people, and he has introduced legislation to ban the federal government from spending money on critical race theory.

Cruz and Watters agreed that both of the issues are tied together by the left's radical activism.

Newsweek reached out to the White House for comment.