Ted Cruz Dismisses 'Kremlin Cruz' Trending, Calls Vladimir Putin a 'KGB Communist'

Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Saturday responded to NBC anchor Brian Williams labeling him "Kremlin Cruz" as the GOP lawmaker went on to call Russian President Vladimir Putin a KGB-backed "communist."

The Twitter hashtag "#KremlinCruz" trended on the platform Saturday as Cruz sought to dismiss Williams' Friday night nickname for the Texas lawmaker. Describing Putin as a "communist" and a "brutal" dictator, Cruz cited his lifelong hatred for communism and sought to prove the U.S. news media is "working relentlessly" to diminish the might of American military forces. Perhaps stumping to his Texas oil and gas constituents, Cruz accused President Joe Biden of gifting Russia with the ability to build the controversial Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline into Germany.

Williams used the nickname after Cruz on Friday shared a Russian military propaganda video on Twitter which then mocked a U.S. Army recruitment video aimed toward women. "Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea," Cruz wrote, prompting scorn from many U.S. veterans, Democrats and pundits alike.

"With [Brian Williams'] trademark ignorant snark, he's dubbed me 'Kremlin Cruz," the Texas senator complained in a six-part Twitter thread, before going on to list "three problems" with the Moscow moniker. Cruz also replied to critic and author Kevin M. Kruse, who asked him, "Do you think communists currently run the Kremlin, senator?"

Cruz's first listed dismissal of Williams' nickname said, "I hate communists, my family was imprisoned & tortured by communists, and Brian is a shameless apologist for Russian (and Chinese and Cuban) communists."

Yes, Colonel Vladimir Putin of the KGB is—and always has been—a communist.

Most brutal left-wing dictators are.

That's why you defend them. https://t.co/4Xh4QtZf6h

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) May 22, 2021

"Yes, Colonel Vladimir Putin of the KGB is—and always has been—a communist. Most brutal left-wing dictators are. That's why you defend them," Cruz replied, citing Putin's rise to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel during the 16 years he worked as a KGB foreign intelligence officer.

Cruz also explained that he considers Williams a "pitiful example of corrupt corporate media" and gave the historical reasons he and his family "hate communists" from any country. Cruz re-directed the conversation and suggested his critics start using "Kremlin Joe." Cruz went on to complain about Biden's response to the recent Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal.

"JUST THIS WEEK Biden gave Putin a multi-billion-dollar gift, when he waived mandatory U.S. sanctions to allow Russia to build Nord Stream 2, a massive natural gas pipeline to Germany. Who authored the sanctions that STOPPED NS2? That would be me," Cruz continued in his tweet tirade.

Despite Cruz's mocking request for his critics to use another nickname, it was former President Donald Trump who first gave the then-2016 presidential primary rival the title,"Lyin' Ted." Numerous journalists, political pundits and even Hollywood celebrities accused Cruz of doing "NOTHING after Putin hacked into voter rolls in 2016," as actress Patricia Arquette replied Saturday.

Newsweek reached out to Cruz's office as well as Russian envoy offices in Washington for any additional reaction or response Saturday afternoon.

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) dismissed the nickname "Kremlin Cruz" on Saturday. Here he speaks to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (right) during a news conference on May 12 in Washington, D.C. Getty Images