Ted Cruz to Visit Israel After Criticizing Joe Biden Leadership During Conflict

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has said he plans to visit Israel in the near future as he drew attention to the ongoing rocket attacks against the country by Hamas, the Islamic group which controls the Gaza Strip.

Cruz has recently criticized President Joe Biden's response to the violent clashes and the fact the administration has so far not confirmed whether it will provide missiles for Israel's Iron Dome defense system, which has deflected the majority of Hamas' rockets.

Cruz retweeted a photo of the Iron Dome system intercepting rockets in midair, describing it as "Incredible."

"In the coming days, I will travel to Israel to assess what they need to protect their national security, which is closely tied to America's national security," Cruz said.

When reached for comment on his impending trip, Cruz' office said they did not disclose his schedule in advance for "security and privacy reasons."

Israel is a key regional ally and the U.S. provides the country with $3.8 billion a year in military aid under the terms of a 10-year agreement reached in 2016, according to Reuters.

The country's military carried out airstrikes on Gaza for the sixth straight day on Saturday, destroying an 12-story building housing offices of Qatar-based news outlet Al Jazeera and the Associated Press (AP) as well as residential apartments

Cruz recently offered criticism of the Biden administration's approach to Israel and the present violent iteration of the long-running conflict between the country and Hamas.


In the coming days, I will travel to Israel to assess what they need to protect their national security, which is closely tied to America's national security. https://t.co/NwcwMJfOnM

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) May 15, 2021

He shared a clip of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday answering a question from a reporter about whether the administration would help to replenish the Iron Dome. Psaki said she had no information on any new assistance to the country.

"Joe Biden must show decisive presidential leadership, including by replenishing Israel's Iron Dome missiles," Cruz wrote. "This answer is not just completely unacceptable, it's disgraceful."

"As you know, we have provided a range of support over the last several years and even decades, including the Iron Dome, but I don't have anything to preview in terms of additional support," Psaki had said.

When pushed on the matter, Psaki added: "I don't have anything to preview for you in terms of additional support. We've long been a supporter both in terms of our partnership, but also our security assistance that we have provided to Israel. That's been consistent. Nothing has changed in regard to that approach, and I don't expect it would, moving forward."

Ted Cruz Attends the Senate Judiciary Committee
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, attends the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing in Dirksen Senate Office Building on April 28, 2021 in Washington, DC. Cruz has said he will visit Israel in the coming days. Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images