Ted Cruz Warns Democrats Want to Bring 'Tofu and Dyed Hair' to Texas

Senator Ted Cruz warned that his defeat in November's mid-terms could lead to a state takeover by tofu-chomping, silicon enhanced California liberals with dyed hair.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Humble, Texas Saturday, Cruz warned that his opponent Beto O'Rourke would turn the Lone Star State into a version of California, with "tofu, silicon and dyed hair."

Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum during the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center on May 4, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. Getty Images

Opponents ridiculed Cruz's comments as out of touch, pointing to ready availability of hair dye and the soybean products in the state.

Ted Cruz is in danger of losing his senate seat and the pressure is making him crack. He says DEMs want to bring tofu and dyed hair to Texas. What the hell is he talking about? Women dye their hair in Texas and Dallas Walmart’s sell tofu. #SundayMorning https://t.co/0WVuw7wvi5

— Yarnie 🌹 (@TweetingYarnie) September 9, 2018

So @tedcruz thinks eating tofu is somehow un-Texan? I bet the owner of this Texas tofu manufacturing business (since 1978) would beg to differ. I mean, unless Cruz thinks Asian-Americans are less Texan or something. https://t.co/0FJXplLTwx

— Seth Cotlar (@SethCotlar) September 9, 2018

The middle of the Lonestar State is nicknamed “Silicon Hills“ due to all the semiconductor companies. I worked there for 10 years. Tofu is available in every grocery store. Has Ted Cruz ever actually BEEN to Texas?! 🤨 https://t.co/cGBxYMXSeg

— Heather Archuletta (@Pillownaut) September 9, 2018

Cruz issued the warning when quizzed about reports that a White House aide believes he could lose his Senate seat because he is not seen as likable enough, Reuters' James Oliphant reported.

He would not comment on the report.

Cruz is facing a tough battle to retain his seat against O'Rourke, with a Quinnipiac University poll last week showing the race deadlocked. O'Rourke is hoping to become the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in the state since 1994.

With Cruz's one time double digit lead over O'Rourke having fallen away, President Trump is set to stump for the senator—whom he derided on the presidential campaign trail— at a major rally in October.