Teen Accidentally Shoots Sister Dead With Gun He Made, Police Say

A 13-year-old boy has accidentally shot dead his 14-year-old sister with a gun he made, according to police in Georgia.

Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds said in a press conference on Wednesday that the teenage boy, Wilson Brandon Scott III, shot Kyra Scott during a botched gun sale at their home on Saturday, according to Fox 5.

Police said Scott was intending to sell the firearm to Yusef McArthur El, 19, who allegedly attempted to steal the weapon instead. During the altercation at the house on Vicki Lane, Douglasville, Kyra was shot.

Police were called and found the 14-year-old girl at a gas station in nearby Stewart Mill Road.

According to Fox 5, Pounds said: "Once we arrived, [there were] three people in the car, we observed there was a young girl in the vehicle who appeared to have been shot."

An eyewitness, Jaquan Straugh, told the network: "They pulled her out and she was lifeless. You could tell that she wasn't breathing. There was an officer nearby who helped with taking her out of the car and they were holding her up on the ground.

"She had a little brother who was going irate. He was going crazy seeing his sister not breathing. He was saying, 'Don't die. Don't die,' repeatedly."

Pounds said Scott had been making semi-machineguns and selling them in metro Atlanta.

The sheriff added: "The folks that he made the weapon for, came to pick it up and a robbery took place. He was going to rob him, take the gun instead of purchase. That's when the shots were fired."

According to police, Scott allegedly attempted to shoot McArthur El, but accidentally struck Kyra.

Pounds added: "He shot his sister. And it is so sad for this to happen, but a mother losing two kids at one time.

"And that kind of stuff goes on right under your nose and you never know about it. A 13-year-old kid probably weighs about 80 pounds, is able to do, make a weapon from start to finish, at 13 years old."

According to Fox 5, Scott has been charged with felony murder and McArthur El is charged with felony murder and robbery. Both remain in a Douglas County jail as of Wednesday evening.

A third person is being sought by police.

Newsweek has contacted the Douglas County Sheriff's Office for comment.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, Kyra Scott was one of six children aged 12 to 17 who were fatally shot in Georgia in November.

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Stock image: Police car lights. A 13-year-old boy has been charged with felony murder in Georgia. iStock