Teen Apparently Kicked by Marjorie Taylor Greene 'Speaking to Legal Team'

The Gen-Z political activist who appeared to have been intentionally kicked by Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on Capitol Hill on Thursday is talking to her legal team about pressing charges against Greene.

While leaving a news conference on Thursday afternoon, Greene was approached by activists who questioned her about gun legislation and gun violence. Among them was Marianna Pecora, 18, a deputy communications director at Voters of Tomorrow, a Gen Z-led movement that engages, educates and represents youth in politics, who asked Greene about gun legislation and violence.

In a video shared by Pecora on Twitter, the two can be seen briefly engaging on the topic of gun legislation before the activist started to walk in front of Greene. Then the congresswoman, appearing to be visibly annoyed, can be seen tripping over Pecora saying, "excuse me."

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks at a news conference with members of the House Freedom Caucus on Capitol Hill September 15, 2022. An 18-year-old activist who was apparently intentionally kicked by Greene posted a video of the incident on Twitter and said she's looking into pressing charges. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The video shows Greene saying "excuse me" two more times before apparently drawing her foot back to kick Pecora's leg. "Out of my way," Greene added as the activist said "Oh my god" and immediately moved out of Greene's way.

Greene also shared a clip of the incident on her own Twitter profile, though she did not address the accusations that she kicked Pecora.

"I'm so sorry but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect members of Congress to not kick an 18 year old citizen," Pecora wrote on Twitter.

"I am still having trouble believing it, but @RepMTG kicked me," she added in a later tweet on Thursday.

Users commenting on her post suggested Pecora file a police report and press assault or battery charges against the congresswoman.

"File a police report! Don't let her treat you like that!! You've got the evidence, stand up to that BULLY!," wrote one user to the young activist. "Don't just tweet about it. File a police report," another wrote.

Pecora said she's talking to the group's legal team, together with Voters of Tomorrow activist Santiago Mayer, who said he was verbally abused by Greene on the same occasion.

Mayer, a 20-year-old political activist who is originally from Mexico, reportedly told Greene she was "helping kids get shot in school" by failing to prohibit firearms in certain public places like schools. The congresswoman responded by telling Mayer that he should just "move to another country."

"I asked her if her official stance as a member of Congress was that I should just move to another country if I didn't want kids to get shot," Mayer told the Washington Post. He said Greene didn't respond.

But on a later tweet, Greene repeated her response.

"Just like I said, he's a paid political activist, who just so happens to be blessed to have immigrated to our great country," she wrote on Twitter. "He should respect and be grateful for American freedoms, like our 2A, instead of trying to destroy them. If he doesn't like it, he can go back."

In another tweet, Greene called the two activists "foolish cowards" who "want the government to take away guns & the rights of parents to defend their children in schools."

"You have to be an idiot to think gun control will create a utopian society where criminals disarm themselves and obey the law," she added.

Voters of Tomorrow told Newsweek that no decision has yet been made on pressing charges, but all options are open.

"Far-right Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has spent her time in office
launching attacks against our democracy and the young people who will soon inherit it," Voters of Tomorrow's communication advisor Jack Lobel told Newsweek.

"This afternoon, she took her offenses to another level, as she physically and verbally attacked members of our team. In addition to yelling at our executive director, a Mexican immigrant, to 'go to another country,' she physically assaulted another young staffer. Gen Z is fed up with politicians who continue to put our lives in danger, and this aggression is one of the most visible examples yet of what we are up against."

Newsweek has reached out to Greene for comment.

Update, 9/16/2022 12:20 p.m. ET: This article has been updated to include a statement from Voters of Tomorrow.