Teen Backed for Getting Family, Including Her Pregnant Stepsister, Evicted

In a viral post on social media, the internet has backed a teen for getting her family, including her pregnant stepsister, evicted.

Published to Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole forum, a teen under the anonymous username u/NoMoreAdvantage shared her story to get the opinions of the "AITA" community. The viral post has over 6,000 upvotes and 800 comments.

The original poster (OP) began her story by explaining that she lives in a house rent-free with her dad, stepmom, and stepsister, who's six months pregnant. The house they are living in is owned by her half-brother. The OP and her stepdad moved in when they couldn't keep up with the rent after the OP's father lost his job, so they were evicted.

The house has three bedrooms. The OP has a bigger room than her stepsister, along with a private bathroom.

Teen got family evicted Reddit
In a post going viral on Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole forum, the internet has backed a teen for getting her family, including her pregnant stepsister, evicted. fizkes/iStock / Getty Images Plus

A few months ago, the OP's parents warned her that her stepsister's boyfriend would be moving in with them closer to the baby's due date. With the new person in the house, they would need one room for the couple and the other for the baby. The OP would have to move her stuff into the shed and sleep on the couch at nighttime. She was very upset with the arrangement.

She spoke to her half-brother about it and he agreed that it was unreasonable. "I asked him if he can just evict my parents so I don't have to deal with my step mom and step sister anymore. My brother suggested that I move in with him so that I won't live there when they are served the eviction notice as he was worried that they would blame me and it wouldn't be nice if I was living there."

"So just about a week ago my step sister's boyfriend moved in as well. I have now moved in with my brother and they have been served the eviction notice which is 2 months. My dad, step mom and step sister have been calling me non stop asking me to convince my brother to reconsider and calling me heartless, my step sister texted me saying I'm the biggest a**hole she's ever met because I'm making her homeless at the peak of her pregnancy and it's her baby that I'm punishing," she concluded.

Newsweek has reached out to u/NoMoreAdvantage for comment.

What happens if I receive an eviction notice?

When someone receives an eviction notice, it means someone wants them off their property. When someone is evicted, it typically means they weren't paying their rent on time (or at all), they violated the renting terms and conditions, made damages to the property, or are participating in illegal activity, according to nolo.com.

You received an eviction notice. What now? Before the panic sets in, be sure to check your state and local laws, as they could help you and find out the reason for the eviction and try to create a new payment plan to pay off your debts, if any, according to legalzoom.com.

Newsweek has published several articles involving family conflicts including a woman who was backed for kicking out her mom for calling the family "tacky," a father excluding his stepson from "bonding" trips with his biological kids and how the internet praised a mom for kicking out her family after finding the house in "complete state."

Redditor response

"[Not the a**hole]. The family is taking advantage of your brother and keeps moving more people into the house he OWNS. I am assuming nobody pays rent. It is your brother's right to evict them. Maybe your stepsister should take responsibility for herself and the unborn baby. I can't believe these people wanted to put you in a shed," u/tatersprout wrote, receiving the top comment with over 10,000 upvotes.

"[Not the a**hole]. The baby does not need its own room. And since you no longer live there, no reason for your brother to house people he has no relation to," u/Numerous-Present-478 exclaimed.

U/hummusfan_"[Not the a**hole] I'm glad your brother is actually looking out for you and listening to your concerns. Your dad sure isn't."

"[Not the a**hole] - So your brother was kind enough to offer up a house to your dad. Who in turn thought it would be okay to having you sleep on the couch (the owners only relative residing in said house). It's all kinda wrong going on here - 1.baby could sleep with parents. 2. They barely have a place to stay. Why allow the bf to move in?? Sorry but not feeling much sympathy. Maybe they can move in with the boyfriend's family," u/elladee000 commented.