Teen Diana Ross Fan's Teary Reaction to Surprise Gig Tickets Wins Internet

A TikTok post of a teen Diana Ross fan has gone viral after his mom captured his reaction to getting surprise tickets for a concert by the legendary singer.

Louie from Rhode Island became an internet star over the weekend when his mom documented the emotional moment he discovered he was flying to Texas to see Ross.

He began listening to Ross with his late great-grandfather and is now a fully-fledged superfan, making this weekend a dream come true.

His mom posted the moment Louie learned he was going to the concert to TikTok, taking the app by storm and gaining over 4 million views. Initially, his mom gifted him a Diana Ross T-shirt, under the impression that was the beginning and end of the present.

A thankful Louie was left shocked, however, when his true present was revealed—tickets to a Ross concert in Austin, Texas.


Diana, here we come! @Diana Ross your super fan is coming ❤️❤️❤️ #dianaross #fyp #reaction #surprise #aprilfools @Tracee Ellis Ross

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"You're kidding, it's April Fool's," he said, shaking his head. Once a text on his phone confirmed he really did have a ticket, his reaction was priceless. "No way, are you kidding?" he said.

His mom informed him they were set to leave immediately, and that though he had been led to believe it was time for school, it was actually 4:30 a.m.

He began to cry, before hugging his mom in silence, left speechless by the surprise. As he went off to brush his teeth, he stopped before turning around in shock again while crying.

"Worth every penny," said his mom.

Together they flew to Austin to see "the Queen," as they fondly dubbed Ross.

After the TikTok post went viral, thing got even better for Louie as the Austin Children's Guidance Center, who the concert was benefiting, reached out.

Louie and his mom had added a link to the post resulting in "non-stop donations" for the charity. As a result, they were awarded a gift of front row seats and a customized Diana Ross diamond pendant and cuff-links by a local jeweler.

What's more, Ross herself even noticed Louie on-stage. "Dreams come true," wrote the mom, sharing the video of Ross giving Louie a shout-out. "It really is about a mother's love," said Ross on stage about the videos.

Ross went on to post the shout-out to her own TikTok account, writing: "The story of this young man and his mother really touched me. A mother's love is beautiful and a very special love indeed."


A recap of our night! Absolutely amazing. I kept trying to go live but the WiFi was acting up. Thank you QUEEN @dianaross Thank you to everyone on Tiktok who shared this and helped to create such an incredible outcome 🙏🏼 You ROCK. Dreams came true. #dianaross #superfan #grateful #thankyou #whatanight

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Update 04/05/22, 02:49 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include Louie's first name only.