'Teen Mom 2' Cast Rumors: Leah Messer's Ex-Husband Jeremy Calvert May be Back For Season 9

A former Teen Mom 2 star is returning to the MTV reality franchise for the upcoming new season. Jeremy Calvert, the ex-husband of longtime Teen Mom cast member Leah Messer, revealed his plans to appear on Season 9 of Teen Mom 2, Ok! Magazine confirmed on Monday.

Calvert claimed he would not return to the show when he was asked about his casting during an interview with Ok! Magazine back in June. "Nope, I'm not," he simply replied when asked about any potential Season 9 appearances.

The reality star has apparently had a change of heart and was photographed in his car with cameras from the MTV reality series.

Calvert has played an integral role in Messer's storyline since the couple married in 2012. Despite sharing a daughter, Adalynn Faith, the pair called it quits in 2015. At the time, Messer said she became stressed out because Calvert's work away from home increased, resulting in their official split at the end of Teen Mom 2 Season 6.

The duo experienced a number of rocky moments while co-parenting their daughter in the years following their divorce, however, they completely shocked fans when Messer revealed she hooked up with her ex. During a Season 7 episode, the 26-year-old told a close friend that she had sex with Calvert after he apologized for making negative comments about her past seasons of Teen Mom 2.

"I mean, he has tried to get me to have sex with him a couple of times," Messer confessed. "And it happened once. It happened a few months ago."

She added: "We went to his house and I had to hide walking out to the car the next morning so his mother couldn't see."

She later insisted the incident was a one-time thing and she had no intentions of getting back with Calvert romantically.

"It's a road I don't want to go back down. I know I don't feel anything. I don' t want to upset him," she said. "I'm not the same person I was, I'm not the same person he proposed to.

No word yet on when Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV with Season 9.

The network is currently airing Season 7 of Teen Mom OG.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Returns For Season 9 After Quitting, Shares Filming Photo https://t.co/RIOGup5GxS

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